NTP Pro|Mon Monitor Control License / Gain-Sum (early unit upgrade only)

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NTP Pro|Mon Monitor Control License / Gain-Sum (early unit upgrade only)


NTP Pro|Mon Monitor Control License / Gain-Sum (early unit upgrade only)

The Pro | Mon Monitor Control option enables the AX32R AD/DA Converter and digital matrix, as well as the DX32R Digital audio interface and matrix, to operate as an audio signal processor providing high resolution signal summing and low latency routing of monitor signals. AX32R has as well an option for speaker correction EQ and bass management.

The monitor control is managed via the DADman 5.2 software application, which has support for the EUCON 3 control protocol, enabling full control of the monitor functionality from the Avid S6, S3, PT Dock and the Pro Tools Control surfaces.

Tactile control of monitor parameters can be made using one or more MOM – Monitor Operation Modules.


  • Monitor controller with talkback, summing, folddown and Speaker up-match
  • Support for all immersive audio formats, including Dolby Atmos(TM) and home Atmos(TM)
  • Configurable for any audio format eg. mono, stereo, 5.1, 7.1, 9.1.6, and up-to 128 channels
  • Control via the DAD MOM – Monitor Operating Module
  • Control via EUCON 3 from Avid™ S6, S3, PT Dock and PT Control
  • Built-in matrix for flexible routing and digital insert
  • Pristine A/D and D/A conversion and optional mic pre
  • Digital I/O via MADI, AES3, Dante™ and SDI
  • Fixed 7 sample latency on all signal paths and 32 bit floating point summing processing
  • Speaker Processing and Bass Management via the SPQ Speaker Processor EQ option

Monitor Matrix and Processing

The monitor control is able to set the listening levels, Dim and Cut of a main control room speaker set and two alternate speaker sets. Furthermore, four monitor sets can be controlled with level and cut.

The signal output configuration of each speaker and monitor set can be configured to any format: mono, stereo, 5.1, 7.1, 9.1.6, and multi channel up to 64 channels, using any of the audio outputs of the NTP/DAD converter interface in any combination.

The sources for monitoring can be selected from any of configured signal sources. Sources can be selected to an monitor output as switched or more sources can be summed to a control room speaker or monitor output providing Stem summing functionality.

As for the outputs source inputs can be configured to any format with any combination of audio inputs of the NTP/DAD converter interface.

Talk back functionality is available for any of the control room speaker and monitor outputs, and the talk back can activate Cut or Dim on any output as well.

On each of the control room speaker and monitor outputs a Fold-down function can be applied. The Fold-down can comprise of any of the 7 formats: Mono, Stereo, Left-Center-Right, Left-Center-Right-Sub, 5.1, 7.1 and 9.1.6 surround formats. On both the sources and the speaker and monitor outputs.

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