Neumann M 49 V Set - Remote Switchable Studio Tube Microphone

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Neumann M 49 V Set - Remote Switchable Studio Tube Microphone


Neumann M 49 V Set - Remote Switchable Studio Tube Microphone


The M 49, introduced in 1951, revolutionized studio technology with its continuously variable, remote-switchable directional characteristic. And of course with its incomparably full, silky sound, which has characterized countless recordings to date. The M 49 V is what many have been longing for: a new edition based on original specifications!


The M 49 is a great microphone in every respect. Because its incomparable sound is as impressive as its physical appearance. With its revolutionary technology, the M 49 set completely new standards. The M 49 is a true Neumann legend.


The objective was already big: at the beginning of the 1950s, in collaboration with the Nordwestdeutscher Rundfunk, a reference microphone was developed that was intended to replace all previous ones. Instead of having to laboriously change the directional characteristic by replacing the capsule, the M 49 is conveniently switched remotely from the power supply unit - continuously. With its balanced frequency response in all directional characteristics from omnidirectional to cardioid to figure eight including intermediate stages, the M 49 is a true universal microphone: whether for orchestra, piano, trumpet or vocals, the M 49 is suitable for recordings of all kinds at the highest level. The M 49 was and is correspondingly sought after. No other classic Neumann tube microphone was manufactured longer: from 1951 to 1971. Countless legendary recordings from cool jazz to modern pop bear its elegant sound signature. The M 49 is an inseparable part of the Neumann DNA.


Now the legend is finally available again! The M 49 V is a new edition of the last revision c. The M 49 has been continuously improved over the years: the originally installed Hiller tube MSC2 was replaced by the Telefunken tube AC701 or AC701k. These and other circuit changes improved signal-to-noise ratio, controllability and noise immunity. At the same time, the M 249, the broadcast version with an HF-tight connector, was released.

The M 49 V uses the same circuitry as the M 49 c, but with an even lower noise subminiature tube. Since high-frequency interference from cell phone networks and WiFi has increased enormously, the HF-tight connector was adopted from the M 249.

The included NM V directional characteristic switch is designed in such a way that it automatically provides the optimal heating voltage for the installed tube to both the M 49 V and every historical M 49; It also automatically adapts to the country's typical mains voltage. The M 49 V set also includes the iconic “Yoke” fork mount, which has contributed to the enormous popularity of the M 49 with its flexible positioning. The M 49 V set is delivered in a high-quality case, which, like the entire microphone, is handmade in Germany.


The M 49 V has two internal switches that can be used to create compatibility with various historical circuit variants (see “A Brief History of the M 49” below).

In its standard delivery state, the M 49 V is fully compatible with the last historical variant, the M 49 c, with a 1st order high pass at 30 Hz.

The high-pass frequency can be reduced to 12 Hz using the internal switch S4. This results in the low frequency response of the early M 49 (without suffix) up to 1957, which did not yet have this high pass. At the same time, a certain level of protection against infrasound is retained.

Using the internal switch S2, the M 49 V can be set to a fixed cardioid characteristic, as was possible with the historical variant M 49 b. This deactivates pattern switching; the sensitivity increases by approximately 2 dB and the equivalent noise level decreases by approximately 3 dB. This setting is ideal if the M 49 V is to be used exclusively in cardioid polar pattern, for example for singing or speaking.

The internal switches should not be operated by the user, but only by Neumann Service.

In the standard delivery state, the high pass is set to 30 Hz and the pattern switching is activated. If you would like a different delivery condition, you can order the M 49 V via your dealer or Neumann sales partner in the desired switch position (Made To Order).

  • New edition of the legendary M 49 with improvements to details
  • Excellent vocal microphone for male and female voices
  • Versatile microphone for all types of instruments
  • Classic tube circuit with output transformer
  • Continuous remote switching of the directional characteristic
  • Reconstructed in detail based on original documents in the Neumann archive
  • New directional characteristic switch automatically adapts to the mains voltage
  • Handcrafted and handwired in Germany
  • Handcrafted vintage suitcase made in Germany

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