Neil Finn buys classic restored Neve "Ramport" console

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Neil Finn buys classic restored Neve "Ramport" console


Neil Finn buys classic restored Neve "Ramport" console

When Neil Finn, lead singer and multi-instrumentalist for Crowded House and The Finn Brothers, decided to upgrade his New Zealand based studio, he knew that he wanted a special, one-of-a-kind console. Always a fan of classic Neve consoles, Neil fell in love with a classic Neve that had come out of Bearsville Studios in New York,  a console that had originally been built for Pete Townsend of The Who. This unique desk was finished in black, with irridescent legending, so when the lights were lowered and the black lights went on, the console would glow!  PAD completely restored and upgraded the console, including all new internal wiring and patch bays, custom switchable phantom power for each mic-input, balanced buffered meter drivers (so audio wasn't flowing directly through and being colored by the meters), and installation of Flying Faders.

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