Mogami XLR(M)-RCA(M) 12ft Cable

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Mogami XLR(M)-RCA(M) 12ft Cable


Mogami XLR(M)-RCA(M) 12ft Cable

Mogami XLR(M)-RCA(M) 12ft Cable

This Mogami Gold XLR Male to RCA Male Patch Cable is a patch cable that exceeds all industry standard audio and video specifications for performance and reliability. Neglex OFC #2964 cabling is used for clarity and freedom from noise and RF interference. This cable comes terminated with a black shell XLR plug with gold contacts at one end, and a gold plated RCA plug on the other. Its improved strain relief design offers better strength, durability, and longer flex life.

This cable's extremely low-capacitance and cross-linked cellular polyethylene dielectric delivers superb noise rejection while maintaining amazing clarity. Its 75 ohm coaxial design is impedance matched for video and digital audio transmission.

Conductor insulation is XLCPE (Cross-Linked Cellular Polyethylene) which has excellent electrical characteristics and prevents shrink-back during soldering.
Black XLR plug with gold connector pins.
Low contact pressure RCA phono plug is non-magnetic and gold plated.
Served (spiral) Bare Copper Shield is better for sound quality and simplifies terminati

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