Milab Drum Pack - Microphone Pack for Drums

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Milab Drum Pack - Microphone Pack for Drums


Milab Drum Pack - Microphone Pack for Drums

Arguably the most exclusive microphone kit for drums on the market. Contains 1 x BDM-01 and 7 x VM-44's plus accessories. Delivered in a high quality case.

The Milab Drum Pack is nothing less than a superior high-end solution for micing drums. The bundle contains:

1 x Milab BDM-01 for the bass drum
7 x Milab VM-44 Classic small diaphragm condensers
1 x Milab 3227 rubber shockmount
7 x Milab 3221 rubber shockmounts
1 x 3402 windscreen by Rycote
7 x 3406 windscreens by Rycote
4 x K&M 24030 microphone holders
1 x High quality flight case

The Milab Drum Pack is the ultimate choice for uncompromised sound quality and is just as superb for studio recordings as for stage sound.

The VM-44 Classic is an extremely versatile microphone which means that this bundle will be perfect for many other situations than just micing drums.


  • Superior solution for micing drums
  • 1 x BDM-01
  • 7 x VM-44 Classic
  • 8 x rubber shockmounts
  • 4 x K&M mic holders
  • 7 x Rycote windscreens
  • 1 x high quality flight case


  • Product name

    Milab Drum Pack
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  • Contains

    1 BDM-01, 7 VM-44 Classic, 1 shock mount (3227), 7 shock mounts (3221), 7 windscreens (3406), 4 K&M mic holders

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