Merging Technologies Horus Option Cards

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Option cards: IOM-H-DA8

Option cards

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Merging Technologies Horus Option Cards


Merging Technologies Horus Option Cards

Option cards (Sold Separately) 

Key Features
These remotely controlled Mic/Line Input cards with analog direct outputs have set a new benchmark in analog circuitry design. Available in models that work up to 192kHz (AD8D) and DXD/DSD256 (AD8DP) 
• 8 x exceptionally transparent, Swiss designed pre-amplifiers
• Remote/Local switch to Line Level on a per channel basis
• Completely remote accessible for all parameter changes
• Phantom Power/Phase/Low Cut switchable per channel
• Analog direct output signal path, post-mic pre, pre A/D
• Better than 120dB dynamic range

Key Features
The DA8 (up to 192kHz) and the DA8P (up to DXD/DSD256) have consistently shown in testing to be the quietest multichannel D/A conversion modules available anywhere.
• Auto-mute circuitry for “no-pop” power cycling
• Digitally controlled trims for line up procedures
• Dynamic range of 127dB (typ)
• Easy to set dip switches for international operating levels

The MADI Expansion card (MADM - Multimode / MADS - Singlemode) doubles the total MADI channel count to 128 inputs and 128 outputs @1FS

Now Pro Tools HD users can enjoy all the flexibility of Ravenna networking along with Merging Technologies' stunning Mic Pre-amps and AD / DA conversion. Able to slot into any professional AVID environment, Horus & Hapi are now creating a new benchmark for Pro Tools HD™ users who expect the best possible signal path in their work.


  • 64 Channels of Pro Tools HD™ connectivity in each card (Main + Expansion connections)
  • Fit up to 2 PT64 cards in Hapi or Horus for 128 channels to and from Pro Tools HD™
  • Able to mimic signal delays for all AVID™ branded interfaces (HD I/O, MADI I/O, 192 I/O)
  • Works from 44.1 -> 192 kHz sample rates
  • Completely routable as any other part of our Networked Audio Interface range.
  • Connect your Pro Tools HD™ to the power of Ravenna Networking

Please note:

  • Optional redundant power supply for failsafe use.
    *Mandatory when using more than 3xAD8D/AD8DP in a single unit due to increased power consumption*

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