Merging Technologies Audio Magic Ring Batch Converter

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Merging Technologies Audio Magic Ring Batch Converter


Merging Technologies Audio Magic Ring Batch Converter

Merging Technologies Audio Magic Ring -- the affordable, powerful, and easy to use file conversion solution!

Why Do You Need Audio Magic Ring?

The ever-growing availability of different digital audio recording and editing systems, and the variety of different audio delivery formats have greatly increased the need for an audio file conversion application that is fast, easy to use, and of course produces excellent sounding results. That’s why we created Audio Magic Ring. Its unique user interface makes it a simple matter to convert any number of audio files between different formats, wordlengths, and/or sample rates. Normalization of files is also included, and Audio Magic Ring features an extensible "open architecture" design that allows you to install additional processors, as they become available. Audio Magic Ring is an indispensable tool for any digital audio user, whether professional or hobbyist.

Features of Audio Magic Ring

Drag ‘n Drop Interface

Rather than forcing you into a traditional dialog box whenever you want to initiate a conversion process, Audio Magic Ring allows you to simply drop files directly onto icons that represent a particular conversion setting (which can be single or multiple processes). Your audio files will be automatically converted, in the background if required, to the desired format and stored in a specified directory. It’s that simple. You can create as many Audio Magic Rings as you like, one for every conversion scenario that you need to deal with. These can sit right on your desktop, or be placed in any directory of your choice. When you create a new Audio Magic Ring, you’ll open its Properties pages, set the various parameters once, and then you’re ready to start using it. That’s all there is to it!

High Quality Conversion Filters

Audio Magic Ring offers very high quality processing to ensure excellent sounding results. Each of the processing filters may be applied individually or in any combination and in any order.

File Format Support

Audio Magic Ring currently supports a variety of popular audio file formats.

  • The current formats include:
  • WAV: the industry standard PC audio format.
  • OMF: Open Media Framework format, including support of both versions 1.0 and 2.0. 
  • AIFF: Audio Interchange File Format.
  • BWF: the European Broadcast Union’s Broadcast Wave Format.
  • PMF: Pyramix Media Format, Merging Technologies’ optimized file format for the Pyramix Virtual Studio digital audio workstation.
  • AU/SND: the standard Unix format.

Convenient Batch Conversion

Any number of files may be converted at the same time, and folders with nested folders within them that are dropped onto Audio Magic Ring will result in converted files in an identical folder structure (so all subfolders are maintained).

System Requirements:

PC Intel-based computer with Windows 2K or Windows XP operating system.

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