McDSP Everything Pack Native v6 to Everything Pack Native v7.1

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McDSP Everything Pack Native v6 to Everything Pack Native v7.1


McDSP Everything Pack Native v6 to Everything Pack Native v7.1

When flexibility is critical to getting the right mix, a good channel strip is mighty handy. Good thing McDSP makes so many of them. From the TEC Award nominees like Channel G and 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip, to the 6060 Ultimate Module Collection with the most module-based processing options in any plug-in, McDSP has what you are looking for.

Channel G Console
Channel G Compact
6050 Ultimate Channel Strip
6060 Ultimate Module Collection

McDSP made a name for itself in 1998 with the acclaimed FilterBank equalizer plug-in. Over two decades later McDSP is still cranking out hits with new designs, the first (and only) active EQs that work on ALL major formats (AAX DSP, AAX Native, AU, VST3), and loads of unique features along the way.

4020 Retro EQ
AE400 Active EQ
AE600 Active EQ
6020 Ultimate EQ

If you thought you'd seen it all when it came to dynamic range compression, think again. McDSP's unique designs can model the classics, or be something new entirely. Like all McDSP plug-ins, the compressor algorithms are built from scratch, have zero (or near-zero) latency, and can handle dynamic range processing well over 0 dB.

4030 Retro Compressor
6030 Ultimate Compressor

Patented processing techniques, the lowest latency in their class, and a wide variety of crossover network designs make McDSP multi-band processors and mastering limiters top choices in studios around the world.

ML8000 Advanced Limiter
4040 Retro Limiter
MC2000 Multi-Band Compressor
ML4000 Mastering Limiter
6034 Ultimate Multi-Band

Real-time noise reduction is a few clicks away with the NR800 Noise Reduction Processor and NF575 Noise Filter plug-ins. Or If you need to make some space in your mix, the Revolver convolution reverb and EC-300 Echo Collection offer plenty of options.

NF575 Noise Filter
EC-300 Echo Collection
NR800 Noise Reduction
Revolver Convolution Reverb

Looking to send your track through a fax machine? Need an Engineering Emmy Award winning dialog processor? Or maybe you just want to sound like you recorded to tape? McDSP has all these processing options and more.

DE555 Advanced De-esser
Analog Channel
SA-2 Dialog Processor
SA-3 Spectral Processor

    McDSP is pleased to announce that we have released a free fully mixed session for the song 'Cachos De Vaca' by Desorden Público ft. Nella Rojas and Orquesta G.M. de Ayacucho, mixed by McDSP Artist Diana Bravo. 

    The session is free to anyone at the following link:
    • it is available on Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Reaper, and Studio One.
    • it uses only McDSP Plug-ins

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