Marshall ML-503 - Triple 5" 1920X1080 LCD 2RU Rack Mount Monitor

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Marshall ML-503 - Triple 5" 1920X1080 LCD 2RU Rack Mount Monitor


Marshall ML-503 - Triple 5" 1920X1080 LCD 2RU Rack Mount Monitor

The Marshall ML-503 triple 5" Screens LCD Display is a feature-packed, economical solution perfect for fly-packs, control rooms, routing rooms and countless other video system applications. Looping video inputs set this product apart from similar-looking products. With the ML-503, you are not limited to the single SDI connector you may find on competitor models. Standard power and tally connections as well as a logical menu structure make this display an easy choice for flexible system designs.

Triple Full HD Screens

Three High-Definition screens with excellent color rendition and stability. Adjustable back light compensates for different viewing environments.

On-Screen 3 Color Tallies

Easily visible border tallies provide instantaneous process control feedback to the operator

Great Off-Axis Performance

Excellent angle of viewing allows the user to position the rack in any number of physical locations.


  • Three screens, great picture, great price
  • Wide aspect, 5-inch diagonal x 3
  • Perfect for flypacks, control rooms, news vans
  • Front panel controls give access to all functions
  • Three color on-screen tally lights (Red, Green, Yellow)
  • Multiple inputs, all with loop-through connections: 3GSDI (HDSDI, SDI), HDMI
  • Safe area and center markers
  • Two user short-cut function buttons
  • Tilting mount. Adjust for optimum viewing and back panel access
  • Headphone jack to monitor embedded stereo audio
  • Firmware update via USB port and thumb drive

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