Marshall AR-DM61-BT - Multi-Channel Digital Audio Monitor

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Marshall AR-DM61-BT - Multi-Channel Digital Audio Monitor


Marshall AR-DM61-BT - Multi-Channel Digital Audio Monitor

Experience versatile audio analysis functions, flexible matrix routing and format conversion tools, and a pair of powerful speakers packed into 1 RU with the new Marshall AR-DM61-BT Multi-Channel Digital Audio Monitor. The AR-DM61-BT is a powerful audio/video QC solution designed specifically for TV stations, broadcast trucks, transfer stations and house of worship facilities.

Planned software upgrades and optional hardware extension ports enable the AR-DM61-BT to serve as a "future proof" solution that will evolve with the ever-changing requirements of the broadcast A/V industry. Additional features include support for the latest Dolby™ formats, Dante™ networked audio technology and a built-in web server for channel mixes, system settings and updates.

  • 10-inch LCD Intuitive Touchscreen Panel displays up to 64 channels vertical or switch to 96-step high precision horizontal bars
  • Special LKFS bars provides weighted display for group of channels
  • Built-in live video preview monitor
  • Accepts multiple signal type input
  • High-powered stereo speakers (up to 100 dB output)
  • Push-to-mute functionality
  • Slim 1 RU Design
  • Dolby™ option module supports AC-3, Dolby-E and more
  • Optional Dante™ Networked Audio module with support for AES 67
  • Built-in web server makes it convenient to setup and customize
  • Software upgradeable "Future-proof" platform

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