Lynx LM-PRE4

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Lynx LM-PRE4


Lynx LM-PRE4

For the first time ever, we have designed and built a microphone preamp to compliment the capabilities of the Aurora(n). The LM-PRE4 not only adds the flexibility of four channels of mic/line/Hi-Z inputs, but also adds an additional four channels of A/D conversion.  The LM-PRE4 is sonically matched for the Aurora(n) with all the transparency, detail and flexibility you've come to expect from Lynx.  The convenience and utility of this new high performance preamp not only compliments the interface, but when combined with the Aurora(n)'s built in microSD recorder the LM-PRE4 transforms the Aurora(n) into a stand-alone mobile recording device. With a total of 16 ins (8 preamp ins plus 8 line ins) and 8 line outs, the Aurora(n) PRE 1608 comes with two LM-PRE4's in either Thunderbolt or USB. The LM-PRE4 and the Aurora(n) PRE 1608 are available now.

Key features

Four-channel microphone/line/HI-Z input module for Aurora(n)

On-board Aurora(n) A/D conversion directly coupled to preamp out for four additional input channels

Transformerless, transparent design

Up to 68.6dB gain in 1dB increments

Fully-differential, current-feedback preamplifier architecture

Low noise (-129dBu EIN) microphone input

Noise and distortion optimized at all gain settings

Independent 48V phantom power, phase, high-pass filter, and pad for each channel

Dedicated line level signal path provides performance identical to other (AIO8E) input channels

Gold contact relays for distortion-free signal routing

Seamless integration with the Aurora(n) mixing and routing engine

The LM-PRE4 module can be installed into any existing Aurora(n)-8, -16 and -24 (24 channel models w/o LM-DIG only) with an easy and free firmware update.  The Aurora(n) can also be purchased with the LM-PRE4 pre-installed.  These models are:

Standard Models:

  • Aurora(n) 1608 USB 
    • Aurora(n) 8- plus two LM-PRE4s
    • 8 ch preamp ins + 8 ch line ins + 8 ch line outs
    • With USB connectivity
  • Aurora(n) 1608 TB
    • Aurora(n) 8- plus two LM-PRE4s
    • 8 ch preamp ins + 8 ch line ins + 8 ch line outs
    • With Thunderbolt connectivity

Custom Shop Models:

  • 12-in/8-out:
    • Aurora(n) 8 - plus one LM-PRE4
    • 4 ch preamp ins + 8 ch line ins + 8 ch line outs
    • Available in USB Thunderbolt, ProTools|HD or Dante
  • 20-in/16-out:
    • Aurora(n) 16 - plus one LM-Pre4
    • 4 ch preamp ins + 16 ch of line ins + 16 ch line outs
    • Available in Thunderbolt, ProTools|HD or Dante

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