Lynx Hilo 2 Converter - Black

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Lynx Hilo 2 Converter - Black


Lynx Hilo 2 Converter - Black

Hilo 2 is our most transparent interface ever.

Key features

  • Pristine, independently coupled 2 in, 6 out, AD/DA conversion with digital expansion up to 16x16.
  • Unique touchscreen interface. Forever upgradable through our free firmware updates.
  • Future-proof LSlot design with swappable USB, Thunderbolt and DANTE cards.
  • Real-time meters and analysis tools, hyper-flexible routing and monitor control.
  • Powered by mains or 9-18v DC battery packs for location recording.
  • Lynx’s class-leading transparent audio quality.
  • Hilo 2: Upgraded conversion technology provides even more transparent performance.
  • Hilo 2: SynchroLock 2 sample clock provides faster locking and better tracking of external clocks with 7ppm absolute accuracy.
  • Hilo 2: In-plane switching LCD with capacitive touch provides significant increase in brightness, uniform off-axis viewing, and improved touch responsiveness.
  • Hilo 2: Upgrade path to higher sample rates above 192kHz and DSD on input and output.
  • Hilo 2: Selectable linear and minimum phase filters on line I/O.

Who it's for

Hilo 2 is for professionals who demand the purest audio quality. Engineered to be a true all-in-one device, Hilo offers class-leading AD/DA conversion, built-in metering and analysis, multiple ins and outs, hyper-flexible routing and monitoring control — all easily saved and recalled via touchscreen, whatever work you do.


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