Latch Lake RB2200

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Latch Lake RB2200


Latch Lake RB2200

The RB2200 is the larger boom add on for Latch Lake Straight stands. The boom has a two section telescoping boom, which extends from 40”-83”, and includes the standard micKing 7lb counterweight. It includes the worlds strongest boom clutch, ensuring your mic will never sag. It also features Latch Lake's unique recessed threads, enabling a locking set screw to ensure the boom stays in place when installed. The mounting point is either a standard 5/8"-27 (RB2200) or 7/8"-27 (RB2200AT) threads, and can accommodate a SpinGrip mic mount without the need for any additional adapters.

NOTE: The RB2200 is designed to mount on Latch Lake Straight stands, which feature longer threaded mounting point than most other stands. If you wish to use the RB2200 on non-Latch Lake stands, you will need to purchase the Latch Lake thread extender accessory to ensure successful mounting, however, this accessory bypasses the locking set screw feature. The RB2200AT will attach without the need for any adapter and also includes a set screw.

5/8" Adapter

micKing Boom Clutch with 5/8" Threaded adapter

7/8" Adapter

micKing Boom Clutch with 7/8" Threaded adapter

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