Klotz TI-M0500 StarQuad microphone cable

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Klotz TI-M0500 StarQuad microphone cable


Klotz TI-M0500 StarQuad microphone cable

· utra-dynamic, quick response, superb attention to detail and authentic transient response

· no distortion, delivers superbly balanced sound

· no phasing, ultra-low signal compression

· unique high conductor diameter of 4 x 0.34 mm²

· free from microphonics, high crosstalk attenuation thanks to StarQuad configuration

· optimized capacitance of 55pF/m

· In brief: infinite tone - perfect silence

Klotz TITANIUM Microphone Cable is a reference-standard product that transmits every nuance of the human voice with outstanding directness and fidelity. The ultra-rugged outer jacket is almost 8 mm (!) in diameter, enclosing the StarQuad core with extra-large cross-sections (4 x 0.34 mm²). The cable offers superb capacitance of only 55 pF/m. As a result, the TITANIUM features ultra-dynamic sound, quick response, top attention to detail and authentic transient response, not forgetting excellent balanced characteristics and superb attenuation. The TITANIUM is the successful blend of two apparently contradictory worlds in a single cable – state-of-the-art sound plus negligible microphonics. We call it “infinite tone – perfect silence”. And we're so confident of the TITANIUM’s quality that we even issue a lifetime guarantee on every cable.

Cable length is 5 Meters

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