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TWIN is an Absorbent and Diffuser element and it was designed to combine both features, balancing these two assets perfectly in an aesthetically symmetrical way.

TWIN enables the creation of uniform surfaces with a single model that softly absorbs the sound waves while maintaining the vivacity of the musical instruments' harmonics, which is vital for the music's natural acoustic environment.

TWIN has a great combination of absorption and diffusion patterns and it is an essential product when you require a better control of high-frequencies, adding at the same time some absorption to the mid-range of the sound spectrum.

An excess of absorption elements in a room can cause the overtones manifested at the higher frequencies to be canceled out, it becomes imperative to use acoustic diffusers. Thus, if you are looking for a superb sound in a room, without compromising absorption, you will certainly reach the required acoustics with this product, by adding a few pieces of low-frequency bass traps as well. The most suitable application areas for this product are: music studio rooms, piano and acoustic instruments rooms, live rooms in general, auditoriums, theatres as well as all the spaces that need specific care on sound intelligibility.


  • Manufactured with HIPS, Melamine Foam with velvet finishing
  • Average diffusion: 0.61/m2 [>500Hz;<5KHz]
  • NRC: 0.70/m2 [>250Hz;<10KHz]
  • HIPS - Fire-resistance: VO - UL94 standards (similar to M2)
  • MELAMINE FOAM - Flame resistance: Euroclass B-s1,d0 (similar to old M1 France, Germany B1,GB class1, USA V0/HF1)
  • Recyclable
  • Installation: accessories included
  • Several colours available

Tech drawings and Dimensions

Product Dimensions
 Model Height Width Depth Weight
TWN 60 cm (23.62") 60 cm (23.62") 11 cm (4.3") 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs)


Absorption Coefficients


Colors and Finishings 



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