JOCAVI ECOiso NCF Ecological Product

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Size: ECONCF1006 (D: 100x50x6cm W:7.4Kg)


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JOCAVI ECOiso NCF Ecological Product


JOCAVI ECOiso NCF Ecological Product

ECOiso™ NCF is a sound insulation material composed by one sheet of Cork Agglomerate and one board of high-density recycled wood fibers. This material was thought in order to reduce transmission of sound and vibration in the floors of residential and commercial buildings. It can also be used on walls and ceilings.

The strength and durability added to the available dimensions of the ECOiso™ NCF make it ideally suitable for primary construction or retrofitting of existing applications. There is a requirement for a sound isolation material that should be as thin as possible, in order to maximize the usable room areas.

Beforetime the use of cork and wood agglomerates was one of the earliest methods for building studios soundproofing insulation. It was soon discovered that these same excellent characteristics so essential in recording studios, could be applied equally well to home theatres, home studios, music rooms, and many others.

ECOiso™ NCF has also proven effective over a wide sound frequencies range, giving the best noise reduction values at the low and high-frequencies in a single composite material.


  • 100% Recyclable and Natural raw-materials
  • Recycled raw-materials
  • Fire-resistance: OSB - Euroclass D-s1, d0 (similar to old M3) and Cork - Euroclass E (similar to old M4)
  • Supplied in tiles, easy to install
  • Excellent anti-vibrate performance
  • Easily cut to adjust to room dimensions
  • Provided in two sizes: 50x50cm or 100x50cm (1' 7 2/3"x1' 7 2/3" or 3' 3 3/8"x1' 7 2/3")
  • Suitable for primary construction or retrofitting
Product Dimensions

 Model Height Width Depth Weight
ECONCF1006 100 cm (39.4") 50 cm (19.7") 6 cm (2.4") 7.4 kg (16.3 lbs)
ECONCF1008 100 cm (39.4") 50 cm (19.7") 8 cm (3.1") 8.2 kg (18.1 lbs)
ECONCF506 50 cm (19.7") 50 cm (19.7") 6 cm (2.4") 3.7 kg (8.2 lbs)
ECONCF508 50 cm (19.7") 50 cm (19.7") 8 cm (3.1") 4.1 kg (9 lbs)


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