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The DIAMOND® is a 3D-controlled dispersion multidirectional reflection panel with a depth factor that is logarithmically varied. It is, therefore, a three-dimension omnidirectional reflection panel that controls primary reflections and fragments the energy in 64 vertices of incidence by using the theoretical numerical sequence ratio of the primitive root as a basis for calculation.

It is built with HIPS recyclable material, and its modular design makes it a particular and high-performance diffuser. The reflection angles were optimised according to mid-size room applications.

The DIAMOND® is an acoustic diffusion element with a lozenge geometry. The front view refers to 64 interconnected polygons with four multiple sound diffusion angles, which determines a diamond shape.It was created in 16 singular modules that have a quadrangular base and different extrusion heights on each corner. The combination of those positions results in a geometrically scattering diffusion pattern with a very attractive shape.

Thus, the DIAMOND® produces exceptional results of sound diffusion effect and provides spaces with considerable sound perception.


  • Manufactured with HIPS
  • Average diffusion: 0.63/m2 [>100Hz;<5KHz]
  • Fire-resistance: VO - UL94 standards (similar to M2)
  • 100% recyclable
  • Installation: accessories included

Drawings and Dimensions

Product Dimensions
 Model Height Width Depth Weight
DIA060 60 cm (23.62") 60 cm (23.62") 10.5 cm (4.13") 4.5 kg (9.92 lbs)


Absorption Coefficient

Color Options

Please give us a call and we can help you with what Panel and Color!


Diamond ship in 3 or 6 panels per box.



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