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ARG is a product resulting from the agglomeration of flexible polyurethane foam of different densities, presented on plates, which shows a uniform and stable composition. Endowed with a porous cellular structure and unique physical and mechanical characteristics, ARG constitutes a central element in various building systems that allow solving the most complex acoustic problems of buildings, structures, machinery and the like. Find wide application in insulation systems percussion sounds, an area where leads, allowing the development of highly competitive solutions in terms of cost / benefit ratio. It is virtually universal in its application in double construction systems (or trucks) to meet the requirement of insulation to air sounds. This field is particularly important for systems "box-in-box" particularly when necessary for rehabilitation of buildings.

Other uses the level of vibration control equipment to support and reverberation control in closed spaces complete range of applications in the acoustic behavior of buildings. ARG thus exhibits a substantially unique feature of being useful at all required in the field of acoustic behavior of buildings. This universal characteristic in the field of acoustics allows you to stand out among the products for the building, like the one in the acoustic field can contribute more for the comfort of human beings.

When coupled with plaster sheets or clusters give large amounts of insulation in the whole range of the sound spectrum. Gives a high absorption power.

Because it is glued, without physical contact of rigid structures, mitigation damping is achieved by means of elasticity. Acoustic Insulation above 60 dB, one must isolate all areas of walls, ceilings and floors avoiding structural physical transmissions.


  • Self-extinguishable recycled foam agglomerate
  • Made from the agglomeration of flexible polyurethane foam of different densities
  • Good fire resistance (M1 fire-class), uniform and stable composition
  • Great performance/cost. Supplied in 1m2 (10.76 ft2) plates
  • Installation: with contact glue
  • Wide range of thickness, from 2cm to 10cm (0.8" to 3.9") with 80Kg/m3 (others upon consulting and request)
  • Suitable for walls, ceilings and floors
Product Dimensions
 Model Height Width Depth
ARG020 100 cm (39.4") 100 cm (39.4") 2 cm (0.8")
ARG040 100 cm (39.4") 100 cm (39.4") 4 cm (1.6")
ARG060 100 cm (39.4") 100 cm (39.4") 6 cm (2.4")
ARG080 100 cm (39.4") 100 cm (39.4") 8 cm (3.1")
ARG100 100 cm (39.4") 100 cm (39.4") 10 cm (3.9")


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