iZ Radar Converter with 2 Ultra-Nyquist 192 kHz Card

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iZ Radar Converter with 2 Ultra-Nyquist 192 kHz Card


iZ Radar Converter with 2 Ultra-Nyquist 192 kHz Card

The RADAR approach to sound 

While other systems focus on processing to compensate and for the sound of your tracks, RADAR takes a different approach. Our secret formula? Make sure the signal enters and leaves the machine with as few digital fingerprints as possible. Over 25 years of input from the industry’s most respected professionals tells us that our formula is working.

RADAR Converter Chassis

A new interface design that brings the sound of RADAR to modern studio and networked audio applications. Each Half-U frame can hold two Classic, Ultra-Nyquist or vintage sound cards for up to 16 I/O. Multiple frames can be connected together for up to 128 I/O at 48 kHz.

Connect using Dante Virtual Sound Card software, PCIeR cards, or HD bridge devices.

Compatible with 8 I/O cards from RADAR II, 24, V, 6, and Studio as well as both ADA models.


  • A scalable interface with 16 analog I/O of RADAR U-Nyquist 192 kHz conversion and Dante® connectivity. Additional units can be linked for up to 256 I/O.
  • A single interface can be connected through a standard Ethernet port using Dante Virtual Soundcard software.
  • For high channel counts, and lower latency, connect using third-party PCIeR cards, thunderbolt expansion boxes, or HD bridge devices.
  • The sample rate and routing are set using Dante Controller software.

The option Cards

Ultra-Nyquist 192 kHz Cards

The most pristine and euphonic conversion of any 8 I/O RADAR card ever produced. Ultra-Nyquist cards lift the blanket off any mix,

Dynamic Range: A/D path 114 dB A-weighted, less than
0.002% THD+N with 1kHz: 0.5 dB below full scale.
D/A path 114 dB, less than 0.002% THD+N
Frequency Response: 10-22kHz +/-.5 dB at 44.1kHz,
10-80kHz +/-3 dB at 192kHz
Sample Rates: From 32 up to 192kHz
Round-trip latency with Dante® PCIeR card: 1.59 ms @
192kHz, 2.77 ms @ 96kHz, 5.46 ms @ 48kHz
With Dante Virtual Sound Card: 9.76 - 12.68 ms

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