IK Multimedia iLoud MTM - Studio Monitoring Re-invented

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IK Multimedia iLoud MTM - Studio Monitoring Re-invented


IK Multimedia iLoud MTM - Studio Monitoring Re-invented

High Resolution Compact Studio Monitors

iLoud MTM uses the most advanced DSP techniques for sound quality that's simply not obtainable with traditional analog designs. Enjoy clear, neutral sound with a frequency response from 40 Hz to 24 kHz, with deep, controlled low end you'd expect from a speaker twice the size. iLoud MTM also offers a linear phase response, for clarity and transparency that rivals speakers twice the cost.

iLoud MTM uses a midrange-tweeter-midrange symmetrical design, with a pair of 3.5” high performance woofers and one 1” high definition, back-chamber loaded tweeter, which provides ultra precise, defined, point source sound that can’t be achieved by traditional 2-way systems at close distances. You'll mix faster and with less ear fatigue thanks to this time-aligned design.

And iLoud MTM adapts to any room, with on-board acoustic correction derivde from IK's award-winning ARC System - the analysis mic is included right in the box. It also offers a low-frequency extension control, and low- and high-frequency trim controls, to shape the sound to your preference or situation. With iLoud MTM, you can mix confidently in any studio, from a home setup to professional studio, confident that you're hearing your music and not the room.

With so many musicians today recording, producing and mixing at a computer, iLoud MTM was also designed to perform great when placed on a desktop. Use the included tiltable isolation stands to position iLoud MTM at the exact height you need to stay in the sweet spot while working - iLoud MTMs take up 30% - 50% less space than comparable designs. There's also an isolation pad for horizontal placement, and iLoud MTM can mount onto any standard mic stand for use in larger studios or at further distances.

  • Reference-class monitoring perfect for smaller studios
  • Superior imaging even at close distances
  • Adjust to any room with ARC auto-calibration sytem
  • 100 watts RMS power per speaker
  • 40 hz - 24khz frequency response


Shipping Information
Unit Width (in) 5
Unit Height (in) 10
Unit Depth (in) 6
Unit Weight (lbs) 5.2
Box Width (in) 9.2
Box Height (in) 12.2
Box Depth (in) 8.2
Box Weight (lbs) 6.8
Carton Qty 4
Carton Width (in) 20
Carton Height (in) 18
Carton Depth (in) 14
Carton Weight (lbs) 28




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