IK Multimedia iLoud MTM Mounts

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IK Multimedia iLoud MTM Mounts


IK Multimedia iLoud MTM Mounts

Immersive Mounting Solution

Custom IK mounting brackets for immersive installations are available. These rugged metal brackets are the perfect solution for installing iLoud MTM MKIIs anywhere and offer adjustment for positioning the speakers to suit your mixing space and configuration.

MTM MKII’s 3/8" threaded bottom also allows you to mount them directly to standard mic stands in most countries or by using a 5/8" male to 3/8" female thread adapter (required for the US and some territories). Between the brackets, threaded bottom and built-in ARC speaker calibration/room correction software, iLoud MTM MKII quickly adapts to any mixing space. Just add a sub of your choice for a 7.1.4 configuration.

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