Heritage Audio RAM System 1000 - Streamline your Studio Workflow

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Heritage Audio RAM System 1000 - Streamline your Studio Workflow


Heritage Audio RAM System 1000 - Streamline your Studio Workflow

After several years designing some of the best and most popular monitor controllers available, Heritage Audio is proud to present the latest edition to the R.A.M Series….the R.A.M 1000.

Packed with features to keep you prepared for any modern day production.

Introducing the R.A.M 1000: a high-quality monitor controller inspired by classic European console designs occupying a small foot print so you can keep your monitors and your ears right where you need them.

The R.A.M 1000 features an attractive Marconi-style 24-step rotary switch for volume as opposed to cheaper stereo potentiometers, which means the precision of your stereo signal is perfect at every position! The R.A.M 1000 also has no insertion loss, so there’s no extra coloration or signal loss at any settings.


In spite of its simple layout the R.A.M 1000 actually offers lots of features that’ll make sure it earns its place and stays put at the center of any studio or creative workplace.

With two sets of fully balanced analog inputs and outputs and a high quality headphone output there are sufficient connectors to ensure you can monitor exactly what you need to.

Plus, there is also a Bluetooth input with all the latest CODECS to make sure the highest quality audio is always available. With the R.A.M 1000 it is now possible to simultaneously select any and/or all the INPUTs and OUTPUTs at any given time for even more flexibility. Add to all of this the ubiquitous MUTE, DIM & MONO buttons and a new helpful INPUT LEVEL meter and the result is an all-in-one complete professional monitoring solution.

The R.A.M 1000 is conveniently armed with a universally popular USB-C connector for its powering making it usable everywhere.
To make things even more flexible…there is now an option to allow the signal from OUTPUT 1 to work in two different modes: REC for recording or MON for monitoring. While in MON mode the output works as expected in a monitor controller, following any movements made with the MASTER LEVEL knob. But in REC mode, the output is not at all affected by any changes to the MASTER LEVEL. Any INPUTs selected will be sent on to the OUTPUT 1 in REC mode but will not vary at all in level, therefore being perfect for recording it into your DAW.


  • Two stereo pairs of inputs and outputs, all balanced and ground free (unbalanced compatible) on gold plated TRS Jacks (All simultaneously selectable).
  • Seamless Bluetooth connection (CODECS (APTX, AAC, SBC)).
  • No insertion loss, for the most transparent design available.
  • Classic European console design, inspired by the best console master sections.
  • Perfect stereo imaging, thanks to a 24-step rotary switch for sub-tenth of a dB precision on every single attenuation position.
  • REC/MON option for OUTPUT 1.
  • MUTE, DIM and MONO controls.


  • Unlimited Headroom: It is only limited by the preceding and following devices’s headroom.
  • Balanced and floating connections: Inputs and Outputs on gold plated TRS Jacks, unbalanced compatible.
  • 24 Step passive attenuator: In 3 dB steps for sub tenth dB precision between left and right.
  • MUTE less than 100 dBu.
  • No added distortion or noise.
  • Insertion loss: Less than 0.2 dB.
  • Seamless Bluetooth connection (CODECS (APTX, APTX LL, APTX HD, SBC, AAC)).

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