Heritage Audio 73EQ JR - 500 series EQ

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Heritage Audio 73EQ JR - 500 series EQ


Heritage Audio 73EQ JR - 500 series EQ

All the EQ you could ever need
The 73EQ JR is a fully featured line input module for the 500 Series.
It not only shares the 3-band equalizer with his big brother, the Heritage Audio 6673 `80 Series´, but also shares the same transformer coupled line preamp and Class A transformer balanced output stage.

These facts make the 73EQ JR unique in its class, being able to capture a full transformer based, Class A sound without relying on external preamps.

The Equalizer features Baxandall type High and Low shelf bands similar to those found in our top-of-line HA `80 Series´, but with the addition of a high frequency selector switch offering 4 different frequencies instead of the fixed one at 12 kHz.

The mid band is the same dual inductor one, thick low and sweet high midrange boosts without becoming muddy or brittle.

The line preamp has a range of +6 to -20 dB, allowing heavy eq boosts without overloading A/D converters.

Finally, special care has been taken with power handling, implementing internal +24 V slow turn on regulation (about 20 seconds to reach full voltage). This makes your 73EQ JR independent of the rest of the slots and makes your lunchbox´s PSU happier.


  • Input Impedance: 10 kΩ bridging, transformer balanced and floating.
  • Output impedance: Less than 75 Ω, transformer balanced and floating, to drive a 600 Ω load.
  • Maximum output: Greater than +26 dBu into 600 Ω.
  • THD: Less than 0.025 % at 1 kHz, less than 0.05 % at 100 Hz.
  • Maximum gain: 6 dB.
  • Power consumption: Less than 85 mA per rail at ±16 V DC.

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