Hear Technologies Hear Back PRO Mixer with PRO Digital Overlay

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Hear Technologies Hear Back PRO Mixer with PRO Digital Overlay


Hear Technologies Hear Back PRO Mixer with PRO Digital Overlay

Hear Back PRO Mixer Features

  • FIRMWARE V6 or later:
    • PRO Digital Overlay compatibility
    • Local control of up to 138 channels of audio (128 channels + Stereo AUX IN + up to 4 stereo intercom inputs)
    • Submix up to 16 stereo channels on each of the 16 knobs
  • FIRMWARE V1 and V2:
    • Local control of up to 18 channels of audio (16 mono channels + AUX IN + Intercom IN)
  • Volume/panning/stereo link control of all audio channels
  • Remote control all settings from iOS App or another Mixer
  • Receive power and audio over one Ethernet cable, up to 500' from Hub to each Mixer
  • 24-bit Delta-Sigma D/A and A/D converters
  • Store up to 4 recallable presets
  • Intercom allows communication to anyone with a Hear Back PRO Mixer (up to 4 people at a time)
  • 1/8' and 1/4' headphone outputs with 2.2 Watts of power per channel
  • Balanced mono/stereo, line level outputs
  • Selectable 1/8" TRS stereo unbalanced and XLR mono balanced (with 15V phantom power) AUX inputs:
    • Microphone input for crowd / ambiance mic or intercom use
    • Drum module / metronome or local mix input
  • Built-in 5/8" threaded socket to mount Mixer to any standard mic or desk stand

PRO Digital Overlay

The PRO Digital Overlay is an ultra-thin faceplate for electronic labeling of a Hear Back PRO Mixer. This attachable upgrade modifies and expands the display of channels and mixer functions through high contrast OLED graphical displays. The Digital Overlay permanently mounts directly onto the PRO Mixer’s face and connects via a ribbon cable into the Mixer’s side expansion slot. The naming functions can be accessed and updated through the iOS app or via a computer, for added flexibility. The PRO Digital Overlay is a time saving and easy to read solution to the standard scribble strip for engineers and end users in studio sessions and live entertainment settings.


  • Unobtrusive with a thin, ultra-low profile (less than 3mm thickness)
  • Rugged design for stage and touring
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Supports the use of letters, numbers, and symbols when labeling channels and mixers
  • Bright and easily legible OLED screens allow for quick identification and control, even in low light environments
  • Mixers and channels can be named and updated remotely with either the Hear Back PRO iOS app or via a computer

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