Hear Technologies Hear Back PRO Four Pack Overlay Upgrade

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Hear Technologies Hear Back PRO Four Pack Overlay Upgrade


Hear Technologies Hear Back PRO Four Pack Overlay Upgrade

PRO Digital Overlays [installed] with Purchase of any Hear Back PRO Four Pack

Hear Back PRO System

This is it - the most comprehensive digital solution to get everyone the mix they need to perform their best. This new system platform is completely modular and infinitely expandable, which means it is the last personal monitoring system you’ll ever need.

Whether or not you've ever used a personal monitor mixer, the simple layout of this powerful system makes getting the right mix a quick and effortless experience. Based in Gigabit Ethernet, this framework paves the way for an impressive range of future possibilities.

The Hear Back PRO system consists of two main components: the Hub and the Mixer. The modular Hub consists of four card slots, which can be populated with any configuration of input and/or output cards to fit your exact needs. Each Hub has the ability to supply signal and power to as many as 32 Mixers (8 per Network Card), each over a single standard CAT6* cable. With the built-in HBUS In/ Out ports, multiple Hubs can be daisy-chained together, allowing for truly unlimited system expansion.

System Standouts

  • Modular I/O Hub card system allows for system customization
    • FW V5 and V6 allow two independent input sources simultaneously (e.g. Analog, Dante)
  • Large master knob controls overall main mix, AUX, and intercom levels independently
  • Volume and panning control of all channels
  • Direct and immediate visual feedback of all channels
    • Write session info and channel settings on storable Mixer overlays for an unlimited number of presets
    • Optional PRO Digital Overlay (available for FW V6) features OLED graphical displays for electronic channel labeling and Mixer status
    • Instantly store and recall presets from memory with the push of a button
    • Most recent configuration is saved, even after power-down
  • Support for sampling rates up to 192 kHz
  • Selectable XLR or 1/8" Mixer AUX input on PRO Mixer
  • Built-in intercom broadcasts the AUX source (mic, MP3 player, click, etc.)
  • Intercom auto adjusts its own level so even the quietest message never goes unheard
  • Supports secondary power supply providing redundancy and power for up to 32 Mixers per Hub
  • USB port on Hub makes updating firmware for future features and upgrades a simple drag-and-drop operation
  • HBUS In/Out connections allow daisy-chaining Hubs and a wireless access point connection for use with the PRO's iOS App
  • Side-mounted card slot on Mixer for future expansion
  • Status indicating logos on Hub and Mixers make it easy to detect and diagnose problems, should they arise
  • Hear Back PRO iOS App allows for complete control of all Mixers connected to the network

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