$ 835.00


The Great River Electronics PWM-501 is the world's first pulse-width modulation compressor for the 500 series, featuring variable feedback and feed-forward controls for VCA-style modern compression, smooth vintage opto-style compression, or any combination of the two.

The “PWM” in Great River's PWM-501 stands for pulse-width modulation, which is an entirely analog gain control that operates in the time domain, enabling it to turn signal on and off very quickly. With its variable feed-forward and feed-back controls, you can have two completely different sounding compressors, (modern or vintage), plus a virtually infinite compression range and palette of sounds. If you need aggressive transient shaping for drums and percussion instruments, just dial in your desired amount of compression with the feed-forward mode. Feed-forward, is very fast and punchy, typical of a VCA style compressor, such as those by dbx. Feedback takes sidechain audio from the output of the unit, like the 1176 or LA-2A, for slower and softer sounding compression. You can use the feedback mode for a seriously round and warm response on things such as drum overheads, bass, and vocals. You can dial in the perfect amount of glue for anything you want. It is a sweetly enhancing sound, that is well suited for all-duty workhorse compression.

Great River Electronics PWM-501 - Just the Facts

  • The world's first pulse-width modulation compressor for the 500 series
  • Gain, input, and output can be displayed on the 16-segment LED meter -
  • Gain reduction will still display on the meter when the unit is in bypass
  • Hard-wire bypass from input to output
  • Unique feed-forward and feedback knobs let you select 100% of either or blend anywhere between the two
  • Variable high-pass filter cuts low-frequencies out of the audio to prevent pumping and pulling down the mix

The Great River PWM-501 is an extremely versatile compressor, offering you a wide range of sound-sculpting options, from vintage to modern and anywhere in between. Order yours today. For more information, call or chat online with your PAD Studio Consultant today.