$ 2,750.00

The Great River Electronics MEQ-1NV is discrete Class-A channel strip featuring a preamp and equalizer based on the classic 1073 preamp and 1081/1083 EQ, with modern improvements and performance

The Great River MEQ-1NV is an incredibly versatile channel strip that's like having a modern re-imagined version of a classic Neve console channel. The MEQ-1NV is combination of the EQ-1NV four-band parametric, true inductor/capacitor, '70's British “1081/1083”-style equalizer, which is routed via the patch loop jack on the ME-1NV preamps, which is a two-gain-stage, dual-meter, '70's British “1073”-style mic pre. In this configuration, the EQ is inserted between the mic preamp gain stages, providing a wide range of gain-based effects. With higher input gain/lower output gain, the EQ sections can be driven slightly harder for increased harmonics; with lower input gain/higher output gain, the EQ sounds very transparent. With its ultra-high headroom and ultra-low noise floor, the MEQ-1NV is an indispensable tool for modern recording.

Great River Electronics MEQ-1NV - Unique Features:


  • 'Big Iron Vintage Sound' from custom-wound transformers
  • 'No-latency' output monitoring for DAW users
  • High-Z input is ideal for bass, guitar, and sound modules (FET-buffered and routed into the input transformer, a Great River exclusive)
  • Gain stage monitoring via dual meters (also a Great River exclusive)
  • Ultra quiet noise floor for outstanding performance at any gain setting


  • Professional and semi-professional level I/O
  • Multi-purpose: operates with NV Series preamps and as a standalone EQ
  • Effortless sound shaping and frequency manipulation
  • Flexible band use; 1,2,3, or 4 bands can be used simultaneously
  • Simple push-button selection between Q positions and peak/shelf

 Great River Electronics MEQ-1NV - Just the Facts:


  • Multiple In/Out connections: XLR balanced; 1/4" -10dBV output for 'no-latency' DAW monitoring; Hi-Z input on front panel (disconnects mic input): TRS 1/4" insert patch point for compressor or equalizer ahead of the output amplifier
  • Adjustable gain stages: input in 5dB steps to 60dB; output from -25 to +10dB; maximum overall gain 70dB; 2 to 3 stages of single ended solid state amplifier gain blocks, depending on gain structure; high-current 70ma Class A bias on output stage
  • Input and output meters on each channel (dual-stage metering is a Great River exclusive)
  • Front panel switches: polarity; phantom power; input impedance (1200 / 300 ohm); output loading (600 ohm resistor across output transformer)
  • High quality, custom-wound Sowter transformers
  • Gold-plated switching contacts
  • Local power supply regulation on each channel
  • 110/220V, 50Hz or 60Hz operation with external selection
  • 3-year warranty with registration


  • One-channel, discrete Class-A design
  • Multiple In/Out connections: XLR balanced line in and out; 1/4" -10dBV output for zero-latency DAW monitoring; TRS 1/4" insert patch point for NV Series mic preamp (inserts EQ between NV preamp gain stages)
  • Wide range of input sensitivity from +8dBm to -20dBm with selection between line in and insert patch point
  • 4 bands independently enabled with +/-15dB boost/cut
  • Hi and low bands selectable between peaking and shelving
  • Hi-mid and low-mid bands each have 3 selectable Q positions
  • 3rd-order selectable frequency high pass filter
  • Hard-wire bypass of equalizer section
  • Internal low-noise shielded power supply (externally selectable for 110/220V, 50/60Hz)
  • 3-year warranty with registration

A pair of Great River MEQ-1NVs makes for a drum overhead, or stereo miking setup that's near impossible to beat. Order yours today. For more information, call or chat online with your PAD Studio Consultant.