$ 4,350.00

The Great River MAQ-2NV is a stereo mastering equalizer based on the renowned EQ-2NV featuring classic LC (inductor/capacitor) topology combined with modern discrete technology

Built in response to requests from mastering engineers familiar with the stellar sonics of Great River, the MAQ-2NV is a stereo mastering equalizer based on the highly-respected EQ-2NV, which takes its cues from the modules that were designed for the Neve 80-series consoles. The MAQ-2NV shares a similar topology to the vintage 1081/1083 units, but with significant and much-appreciated improvements by engineers, including newly designed Class-A discrete single-ended amplifiers, true inductor/capacitor (L/C) circuitry, and a unique discrete high-current Class-A balanced output stage. This two-rack-space digitally controlled analog parametric EQ adds greater clarity and dynamic range to the musicality of the vintage-era models. The MAQ-2NV also has a discrete high-current Class-A balanced output stage.

Great River Electronics MAQ-2NV - Just the Facts:  

  • Stereo, discrete Class-A design with LC topology
  • Multiple In/Out connections: XLR balanced line in and out; 1/4" -10dBV output for zero-latency DAW monitoring; 1/4" TRS insert patch point
  • Wide range of input sensitivity from +8dBm to -20dBm with selection between line in and insert patch point
  • 4 bands independently enabled with +/-8dB boost/cut
  • Hi- and low-frequency bands selectable between peaking and shelving
  • Hi-mid and low-mid bands each have 3 selectable Q positions
  • 3rd-order selectable-frequency high-pass filter
  • Hardwire bypass of equalizer section
  • Internal low-noise shielded power supply (externally selectable for 110/220-volt; 50/60Hz)
  • 3-year warranty with registration
  • Two rackspace with internal power supply

Great River Electronics MAQ-2NV - Under the Hood

The product of personal requests from mastering engineers who have heard the EQ-2NV, the MAQ-2NV features extended high-and low-frequency ranges, EQ gain switches, linkable channel control, and very low-frequency high-pass filters whose frequencies are 15, 20, 25, 32, 40, and 50Hz. Each channel features a four-band EQ with stepped gain switches that range in 1/2dB steps from 0 to +/-3dB, and 1dB steps from +/-3 to +/- 8dB. Each band has separate pushbutton bypass switches, plus there are left and right-channel bypass switches. A Link switch sets both channels from the left channel controls for identical EQ curves. Like the EQ-2NV, the front panel input selector/sensitivity switch offers the option of using the signal from the MAQ-2NV's transformer-coupled line input (ranging from +8dbm to -20dbm), or the patched signal from an NV preamp or other device.

Great River Electronics MAQ-2NV unique features:

  • Precision gain switches offer complete reset capabilities
  • Link switch allows identical parameters for each channel (set from left channel)
  • Balanced +4dBU & -10dBV Unbalanced I/O
  • Effortless sound shaping and frequency manipulation
  • Flexible band use; 1,2,3, or 4 bands can be used simultaneously
  • Simple pushbutton selection between Q positions and peak/shelf

The Great River MAQ-2NV offers the rare combination of rich Neve-style inductor EQ with the clarity and musicality that mastering engineers demand. For more information, call or chat online with your PAD Studio Consultant today.