Grace Design SB-30 - 30Cm Spacebar Kit

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Grace Design SB-30 - 30Cm Spacebar Kit


Grace Design SB-30 - 30Cm Spacebar Kit

The Spacebar allows for precise and repeatable setting of microphone capsule spacing, angle of incidence, and rotation around the x axis. With precision scales for angle and distance engraved on the Spacebar components, it is easy to make perfectly repeatable stereo microphone setups.

As well as being able to precisely set microphones in standard stereo configurations (i.e. XY, ORTF, NOS, and AB 50cm), the Spacebar allows for exact settings through the entire continuum of angle and spacing. This allows the user to adjust the stereo microphone array and tailor the pickup field to suit

Includes 30cm bar, clamp, (2) standard mic holders and (1) tall mic holder. Available with standard 5/8-27 mic mount threads (most common for USA) or 3/8-16 British Standard Whitworth.

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Standard 5/8-27, BSW 3/8-16

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