Grace Design Rex - Mic Preamp Pedal, Green Finish

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Grace Design Rex - Mic Preamp Pedal, Green Finish


Grace Design Rex - Mic Preamp Pedal, Green Finish

This is the little nipper, but don’t judge – we piled up everything we know from 30 years of designing mic preamps, zapped it with our shrink ray and crammed it all into a minty-fresh green BIX style chassis. With bonafide Grace Design mic preamp pedigree, it will give any studio rack preamp a run for its money. But REX is really designed to be velcroed to a pedal board and hit the stage. Simple high and low tone controls, a 10dB boost circuit (sorry FOH), a mute switch, and an FX loop will all help you get your sound dialed. Are you a singer with your own vocal mic and wish you could have that extra studio clarity and presence on stage? REX to the REXcue (ugh). You get the idea.

REX is the little one:

  • Mic input (only) with 48V phantom power
  • Switchable 75Hz High Pass Filter
  • High and Low shelving EQ
  • FX loop with individual send and return jacks
  • Variable boost circuit
  • Mute switch
  • ¼” unbalanced output / XLR balanced ISO output
  • 9VDC power supply

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