Grace Design m908 Surround/Multi-channel Monitor Controller

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Grace Design m908 Surround/Multi-channel Monitor Controller


Grace Design m908 Surround/Multi-channel Monitor Controller

For audio professionals working in stereo, surround and immersive formats up to 22.2, we present the m908. Newly designed from the ground up system architecture represents a plethora of new technical achievements for us. With powerful DSP functionality, our latest generation AD/DA converters, and a highly intuitive control platform, the m908 provides a comprehensive, all in one monitoring solution for a vast array of formats and workflows.


  • 24 channel AES3 digital I/O / 16 channel analog outputs
  • 16 channel ADAT Lightpipe in / USB 24 channel inputs
  • AES3, S/PDIF, and TOSLINK stereo inputs
  • Optional Dante™ or DigiLink™ module for an additional 32 channels of I/O
  • Optional 8 channel ADC module for 8 or 16 channel analog inputs
  • Our latest generation of AD and DA converters
  • 4th generation s-Lock pll clocking system for vanishingly low jitter
  • High resolution volume control
  • Powerful room correction EQ
  • Complete bass management capability
  • Channel level and delay calibration
  • Comprehensive downmix control
  • Built in SPL meter and pink noise source
  • Powerful and intuitive remote control unit for access to all system controls and calibration
  • Dual redundant external power supply
  • Reference quality headphone amplifier with cross-feed
  • Flexible talkback system with built-in mic on remote control and mic input for external talkback mics
  • Up to 8 stereo CUE paths
  • 4 General Purpose Input and Output pins for interfacing to external systems


  • Please order the (upgrade) versions of the m908 ADC-1, ADC-2, Dante, DigiLink, Ravenna and phono option cards when these are for existing m908’s in the field. If you would prefer to send your m908's back to our shop for installation, please contact PAD support for more information.

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