Grace Design Hanging Bar For SB-30/SB-66 Kits

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Grace Design Hanging Bar For SB-30/SB-66 Kits


Grace Design Hanging Bar For SB-30/SB-66 Kits

The Spacebar Hanging Adapter assembly consists of an aluminum wire tube that threads into the stand mount threads of the SB-30 or SB-66. A stereo (4 conductor) microphone cable is used to hang the assembly. The microphone cable is secured in the wire tube with a thumb screw that binds into the cable insulation. The microphone cable (supplied by the user) is threaded through the wire tube and then terminated to two female XLR microphone connectors. While this is a permanent arrangement that must be assembled it is very secure and ensures that there is no way that the Spacebar assembly can become detached from the cable and fall.

The Hanging Adapter assembly also comes with two monofilament yokes. These yokes are used to steer the hanging microphone array for positioning and aiming the microphones for optimal sound pickup. There are two different length yokes included. One for use with the 30cm Spacebar and one for use with the 66cm Spacebar.

Hanging bar kit for SB-30/SB-66 systems, includes of the following:

1. Hanging wire tube assembly
2. 2 pc. Monofilament yoke.  large for SB-66 and small for SB-30)
3. 2 pc. 6-32 x 3/8” button head cap screw

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