Focal TRIO6 (Each)

$ 3,499.00

Trio6 is a three-way studio monitor offering transparency, a level of definition, dynamics and soundstage precision that is unrivalled in this price range. Thanks to its dual Focus mode – either one-way or two-way – Trio6 represents three monitors in one by combining the iconic SM9 Focus mode with the new full-range ST6 Focus mode.

Key points

  • Beryllium inverted dome tweeter: very low directionality, excellent linearity and dynamics
  • Optimised baffle tweeter: excellent dispersion control
  • 'W' composite sandwich cone: sound neutrality, no distortion
  • Dual Focus Mode: three monitors in one: three-way monitor, two-way monitor (midrange woofer
  • and tweeter alone) and full-range one-way monitor (midrange woofer alone)
  • Large laminar port: no port noises or distortion
  • Auto stand-by mode disengageable
  • Settings: activatable/deactivatable, LF shelving, HF shelving, LMF @ 160Hz