Fischer Amps In Ear Body Pack XL

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Fischer Amps In Ear Body Pack XL


Fischer Amps In Ear Body Pack XL

Hard-wired headphone amp body pack for those musicians whose instrument restrict their freedom of movement (keyboards, drums, percussions, background vocals). Sturdy aluminium case, holder of stainless steel. Power connector (lockable) for plugging in an external DC mains adapter. The Body Pack XL has the same functional principle as the Fischer Amps® Hardwired In Ear Body Pack plus an additional Mic-In to add-on a microphone signal to the stereo or mono mix received. The integrated low-noise microphone preamp has standard features such as 48V phantom power, PAD switch to reduce the input signal by 20 dB and a gain control from + 12 dB to + 60 dB. An additional feature for the microphone input is the parallel out which allows to loop the microphone signal. This Body Pack is a compact in ear solution not only for orchestra musicians who want to mix their own microphone signal to the incoming in ear signal, but it is also an excellent tool for engineers to monitor microphone signals. Power supply with 9V block battery. Alkaline battery approx. 7.5 hours, NiMH rechargeable battery (270 mAh) approx. 4 hours (depending on headphone's volume)

  • Frequency Response:  30 Hz - 20 KHz +/- 2dB
  • Min. Impedance of Headphones is 12 ohms per side 
  • Input Impedance is 15kohms channel 1 and 2; 2 kOhms microphone input (with PAD switch = 15 kOhms)
  • Input Level Mic Input is +60 dB to +6 dB
  • Max Output Power into 20 ohms is  40 mW per channel

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