Fischer Amps ALC-161

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Fischer Amps ALC-161


Fischer Amps ALC-161


The perfect solution for users of several wireless systems on stage, for laboratory and industrial applications. Latest charging technology integrated in a professional, practical housing ready to be mounted in a rack. These processor-controlled ultra rapid Fischer Amps® chargers make the decision on working with rechargeable batteries easy. -deltaV cutoff with micro-controlled electronics. No memory effect when using NiMH batteries. Detection of faulty batteries. Trickle charging keeps the batteries charged.

  • Charge AA and AAA batteries
  • Improved battery tray for easy insertion and removal
  • Rack-mount ready housing, 19" 1U (44mm), steel
  • Fast charging of batteries in 2 to 4 hours
  • Separate supervision per rechargeable battery
  • Integrated switching power supply 90V to 250V without switchover
  • 3- yr warranty

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