Ferrofish SFP Multimode

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Ferrofish SFP Multimode


Ferrofish SFP Multimode

Multimode MADI optical SFP for A32pro, Pulse 16 and Verto

SFP with optical MADI I/O

The PULSE16 can be upgraded with an optical MADI I/O SFP module via the integrated SFP port and turns the Pulse16 into a Pulse16 MX. The module is available in 2 versions: MADI Multimode and Singlemode.

The same SFP module is used for the VERTO MX, so this device can be easily changed to MADI Singlemode.

The upgrade adds the following features:

  • Extends the PULSE16 with additional 64 in and 64 out MADI channels.
  • All 16 x 16 analog channels can be used and converted to digital MADI and ADAT with sample rates up to 192 kHz. The ADAT ports can be used with 192 kHz (SMUX/4 = 8 channels).
  • 32 ADAT I/Os can be used for conversion/routing from/to MADI.

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