ErgoLab M125SP - Executive Stealth Pro

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ErgoLab M125SP - Executive Stealth Pro


ErgoLab M125SP - Executive Stealth Pro

ErgoLab M125SP - Executive Stealth Pro - Music, Lighting and Video Engineer

The Stealth™ chair's support system rolls with you as you move back and forth, providing improved support without any harsh pressure on your body. The unique flexing properties of the high-strength fiber-reinforced frame, combined with the precise variable tensioning of the mesh support system, allow weight and its corresponding pressure points to be optimally dispersed regardless of the position of the body.

The patented ZenWave motion provides unbinding, stress-free support as the music engineer and Users lean forward naturally and protect their lower back from further injury. Additionally, this seat moves with them to massage the lumbar area of the spine which increases blood flow--aiding in rehabilitation for those suffering from chronic pain or discomfort!


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