Equitech 5WQ - Studio Wall Mounted Balanced Power Supply, 50 AMP

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Equitech 5WQ - Studio Wall Mounted Balanced Power Supply, 50 AMP


Equitech 5WQ - Studio Wall Mounted Balanced Power Supply, 50 AMP

The 5WQ, our 50 Amp, is a 240v to 120v wall system designed to blanket an small 1 to 2 room facility with clean and phase coherent AC power. Power that remains clean regardless of how many components are plugged in. This gives you the peace of mind you need when planning your space and its important power infrastructure.


Equipped with 5 KVA Balanced Isolation Transformers, all components are housed in a sturdy NEMA 12 steel cabinet. Inside you’ll find a rugged industrial-duty AC distribution panel board with commercial cabinet. The lower portion houses a massive toroidoidial isolation transformer. Inside you’ll find a 6 circuit 15 or 20 amp breaker, load schedule. The 5WQ is housed in a black enclosure with chrome latches and a white interior for a clean look.


We can include EMF filtered circuits that are ideal for any audio/visual component with DSP. These Filtered circuits cut down on up to 60% of jitter. We also offer oxygen-free copper (OFC) for low heat transference.


208/240V 60HZ Input
120V 60Hz Output

42” H x 30” W x 10” D
107cm H x 76cm W x 20cm D

350 lbs
159 kg


In simple terms, balanced power is a process that eliminates noise or distortion from incoming electrical current. Before the initial signal hits your devices and equipment for power, balanced power ensures you have the cleanest, most pure power by affecting the current itself. Balanced power is not conditioning power or adding “EQ’ing” to remove noise. Rather, balanced power eliminates that noise before you ever hear or notice it. 

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