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Equitech 1.5RQ


Equitech 1.5RQ

Used by Elton John, Neil Young, Stevie Wonder, Norah Jones, Herbie Hancock, Bob Dylan, Aerosmith, Steely Dan, Lenny Kravitz & Many More!

Equi=Tech has been making balanced power products since the early 90s, setting new standards in the field of balanced AC power. The Model Q, Equi=Tech’s flagship product, is the result of these many years of experience.

Anyone who believes that power quality isn’t an important factor in recreating exciting, realistic, and accurate sound is seriously mistaken. If you haven’t heard your sound system with a Model Q powering it, you are missing something truly great. You might just find yourself replaying all of your old music again and again; it’s as if hearing it for the first time with a new appreciation for detail, clarity, and remarkable bass definition. Source components and amplifiers benefit equally the Model Q’s power. It also brings out the best in high definition audio/video components The Model Q is simply the most highly-refined, accurate, and effective power source on the planet. You owe it to yourself to see and hear why Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Sony Records, JPL/NASA, California Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and most every professional A/V production company has chosen Model Q technology for their sensitive components.


When the Model Q was first shown at the 2002 San Francisco Home Entertainment Show, it’s demo room was voted “Best Sound of Show” by the show attendees. It won by a landslide margin over the 2nd place finisher. Then, after consecutively winning that prestigious award twice more, show’s sponsors canceled the “Best Sound of Show” voting completely. When an Equi=Tech Model Q is present in the room, it’s just not fair to the competition.

Many studios are currently using Equi=Tech and their client list includes Atlantic Records, Microsoft, Sony, NASA, The Library Of Congress, FOX Broadcasting, ABC Sports, Cirque du Soleil, UCLA, & More.


  • Simple yet elegant appearance
  • Switches and circuit breakers are duty rated for over 500,000 operations
  • Grounded Faraday shields provide redundant surge protection
  • Transfomer Core:
    • Made of a state-of-the-art, magnetic steel alloy
    • Twice the mass of similarly-rated, competitive productsM
    • Drives amplifiers and other high-current, pulse-type loads without skipping a beat
  • Mil-Spec, Oxygen-Free Copper:
    • Used throughout the Model Q assembly to reduce random, high-frequency current distortion
    • Widens the range of noise attenuation
  • Front Panel
    • Anodized aluminum available in black or silver
    • LED Voltmeter indicates voltage at the input or output depending on the position of the voltmeter mode switch (IN-OFF-OUT)
    • Blue LED power/surge-protection status indicator above the input power switch
    • Blue LED power status indicator above each output standby switch
  • Rear Panel:
    • 12 AC outlets
      • 1 GFCI outlet independent from front standby switch(es) (remain on for components that require continuous power for a clock or to maintain volatile memory)
      • 6 white outlets for analog components (amplifiers, preamps, etc.)
      • 4 grey filtered outlets for digital components
    • Circuit breaker protects from overload and short-circuit fire hazards in electrical, power cords and downstream, connected equipment

The Model Q is offered in 5 different sizes, ranging from 1kVA to 5kVA load capacities. Most are rated at 2kVA or less and require a 120 Volt supply circuit to operate.


The 1.5RQ improves power in a much different way than other “conditioners” that merely use filters to reduce noises…and chokes/prevents transients. Those conditioners are more of an EQ filter for noise than anything else and affects your sound quality. The EquiTech 1.5RQ focuses on preventing those noises in the first place, meaning there is nothing to filter or clean up. Our balanced power systems focus on prevention, rather than the cure.


Our 1.5RQ is made with high quality switches, a digital readout and patented LoNo technology contained within the transformer. This transformer technology produces an extraordinary silent environmental output.


Technical Specifications

Model #:

Model Name:

Load Capacity:
1.5 kVA

Input Line Frequency:
15A 120V 60Hz

Line Cord Plug Chassis Inlet *:
NEMA 5-15 C14

Output Voltage:

Circuit Breakers:

# Outlets Type:
6 15A Duplex Receptacles (12 outlets)

Chassis Dimensions:

* Note: If line cord plug and chassis power inlet are of the same type, just one NEMA configuration type is indicated aboveInput Line Cord Plugs Used With Domestic Models =10kVA and “E” Models =5kVA

All units ship with rack ears.


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