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Established in 2013, Electric Feel Entertainment is an internationally renowned record label and management company, home to an A-list roster of artists, producers, and songwriters, such as Post Malone, Khea, Iann Dior, B.Lewis, Louis Bell, and many more. Electric Feel boasts an impressive 625x platinum records, 215+ billion streams, and 173 million Spotify monthly listeners.

Client Directive

Electric Feel Entertainment wanted a listening room with the sound quality one would expect in a world-class recording studio control room with the flexibility to allow critical listening or high-volume playback. Being a combination listening and conference room, speech intelligibility was also of paramount importance. From a visual standpoint, the conference room must the client’s desire for a modern, elegant, and luxurious-looking space, commensurate with the status of Electric Feel Entertainment’s impressive artist roster. 

Unique Challenges:

  • A listening/conference room with the sound of a world-class studio control room
  • Balanced music playback regardless of seating position
  • Vocal intelligibility with or without music playback
  • Elimination of bi-directional noise transmission to and from adjacent offices

Acoustic Solutions: 

To achieve the two apparently disparate goals of audiophile music listening and speech intelligibility, a custom Jocavi panel system comprising Ceraflector diffusers and tuned broadband absorptive wall traps provide a balanced response across the entire room, reducing bass buildup at the rear of the room. Acoustic treatment also included front-corner bass traps and a unique acoustic curtain system to prevent reflections from the glass entry wall for critical listening or allow natural lighting into the room during a meeting. The dual-sided curtains are silver-grey velvet with an acoustic rear liner, placed 18″ in front of the glass to create a low-frequency trap that tames bass at high playback levels. To match the look of the acoustic curtain, the Ceraflector panels were painted with the Selenite Grey Metallic paint used by AMG Mercedes-Benz and also matched to the front bass traps.

Augspurger Monitors

For audio playback, Electric Feel wanted the sound that its artists are familiar with in the studio and subsequently chose a 3-way active Augspurger TREO 1015-V – SXE3/3500 system that was precision-tuned to the acoustic space for optimal performance. This larger Treo system combines a 15″ sub driver with a high-power handling, high sensitivity midrange driver that provides beautifully focused detail. To match the room’s décor, the monitors were finished in Rolls Royce white.  


Interior Décor:

Furniture selected by the client includes an elegant stone-top conference table and matching credenza where audio equipment was installed, as well as a flat-screen monitor that serves double-duty for video playback or remote video conferencing.



The overall result of the various room treatments working in concert is the ability for meeting attendees to hear a balanced music playback regardless of seating position, while simultaneously being able to speak and be heard clearly from across the table. From a visual standpoint, the conference room reflected the client’s desire for a modern, elegant, and luxurious-looking space, commensurate with the status of Electric Feel Entertainment’s impressive artist roster.

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