East West Ghostwriter - Includes 800 + Multi-Sampled Instruments

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East West Ghostwriter - Includes 800 + Multi-Sampled Instruments


East West Ghostwriter - Includes 800 + Multi-Sampled Instruments

One of the most eclectic and prolific artists in the history of progressive rock, Steven Wilson has teamed up with award-winning producer Doug Rogers to deliver you the complete toolkit for creating dramatic and terrifying soundscapes. You’ll find no shortage of Steven’s most innovative sounds which will inspire film composers, songwriters, and any musicians interested in creating an intense cinematic experience for listeners. Steven Wilson and Doug Rogers have designed a rich palette of samples immediately ready for your use. All you need to do is open Ghostwriter and acquaint yourself with this massive library of carefully crafted sounds and then you can easily take it from there.

  • The professional composer’s single most powerful tool for creating horror and suspense on demand
  • A massive 60 GB collection of 800 instruments and presets including Guitars, Basses, Drums, Keyboards, Vocal and other instruments
  • Created by progressive rock legend Steven Wilson and award-winning sounds producer Doug Rogers
  • Includes many "live" presets that can be adjusted by the user in the software
  • All the building blocks you need to rapidly bring your most ambitious sonic ideas to life
  • Now included in OPUS with individual downloads, custom keyswitches, and dozens of MIDI Tools and Mixer Effects


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