Drawmer LA12 - Line Distribution Amplifier

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Drawmer LA12 - Line Distribution Amplifier


Drawmer LA12 - Line Distribution Amplifier

The LA12 is a low noise, low crosstalk distribution amplifier with high bandwidth specification, developed specifically for 'real time' cassette duplication. As more and more facilities invest in this form of tape copying, the LA12 offers the efficient solution to interfacing multiples of 'real time' cassette decks.

Features include:

  • One stereo input with master gain and balance controls
  • Twelve stereo outputs each with individual output level controls
  • An auxiliary stereo output which follows the input gain and balance controls can be linked to the input of a second LA12 if more than twelve stereo outputs are required
  • The unit will operate at system levels in the range - 20dB to + 10dB
  • A maximum gain of + 20dB is available through the unit which allows a wide range of 'source' and 'destination' equipment to be interfaced
  • All audio connections are on professional quality phono (RCA) connectors for ease of installation

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