Drawmer 1977 - Channel Strip

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Drawmer 1977 - Channel Strip


Drawmer 1977 - Channel Strip

If you're looking to add vintage characteristics and analog musicality to your recordings then look no further than the 1977, Drawmer's most comprehensive channel strip to date.

The 1977 gives you the clarity of an ultra clean preamplifier, the precision of the three band parametric equaliser, the silkiness of the soft knee compressor and added to this the ability to dial in as much warmth as you desire via the 3 types of variable harmonic saturation.

The pristine preamplifier not only incorporates mic, line and instrument D.I. with 66dB of stepped gain, allowing you to make ultra clean, transparent and precise recordings, sweeten up dull audio or perfect your guitar sound, but also mic matching via switched impedance that brings out the best of every mic in your studio. Whether high-end, ribbon or even your dullest mic you will be able to find it's sweet spot.

The 1977 incorporates a true 'parametric' equaliser, with three bands of fully variable frequency control and cut and boost of +/-12dB's and, in addition, a fully variable bandwidth control of the mid band, making it incredibly versatile and capable of modifying everything from subtle fine tuning to tone sculpting problematic recordings, and, of course, anything in between.

A full featured compressor allows you to control the dynamics of your recordings and our trademark 'Big' and 'Air' modes help to preserve the very deep lows and enhance the sparkling highs that lesser compressor's remove. The compressor section also incorporates variable harmonic Saturation with a choice of 3 styles, that will allow you to warm up your recordings with complete precision.

The output section includes a wet/dry mix for parallel processing that allows you to easily dial in how much EQ and compression is used via a single knob. Finally the 1977 has an output fade control to either add fade outs or to boost the level to match high end audio interface audio input levels, along with a large backlit VU meter for accurate monitoring.

The result of all these features is a modern take on vintage gear that gives you an incredible degree of control over the clarity, tone and warmth of your recordings, helping you to capture perfect audio every time.


    • A THAT Corporation ultra clean mic preamplifier with 66dB of gain with phantom power and switchable mic impedance for accurate mic matching.
    • Separate Line & Mic input XLR's and pro quality instrument DI input with through output. Plus an XLR for the dedicated ultra clean direct pre-amp output and also for the overall output.
    • FETs can be bypassed altogether to provide ultra clean outputs. A variable high pass filter control removes any rumble and allows you to tighten up the bottom end.
    • Phase reverse.
    • Vintage-style three band full parametric EQ which takes it's inspiration from 1970's-era analogue gear, with variable frequency, +/-12dB cut and boost and variable bandwidth. Switchable slopes plus low peak settings allows you to adjust the focus and also magnify the bottom and top ends.
    • Compressor includes standard controls and also 'Big' and 'Air' Modes Help to preserve the very deep lows and enhance the sparkling highs.
    • Rear panel Side-chain insert point provides even further control.
    • 3 types of variable Saturation adds vintage warmth.
    • The order of the EQ and Compressor can be swapped and also each can bypassed to allow for comparisons.
    • Variable Wet/Dry Mix plus Output Gain knobs give a 'Parallel E.Q. and Compression' function without the need for external mixing devices, providing complete and effortless control over the amount of equalisation and compression used and output levels.
    • A backlit Analogue V.U. Meter with Switchable +10dB Rescale Mode.
    • Time delay relays on the output for clean power up/down.
    • Internal Low Hum Toroidal Linear Power Supply with Voltage Selector Switch.
    • Classic Drawmer build quality with rugged steel chassis and aluminium front panel.
  • Designed and Handmade by Drawmer in the UK.

Mix Control - Pricisely Control the Dynamics Applied!

Incorporated into the 1977 is the 'Mix' Control. This acts like a 'parallel compression' effect that mixes the Wet (EQ/compressed/saturated) and Dry (original) signals to provide a simple and exact way of controlling the amount of alteration - all with the turn of a single knob.

With the extensive controls of the 1977 it could be possible to take the effects too far - this is easily prevented by the use of the Mix control just by mixing in less of the wet signal and more dry. By the same token, the mix control can add more warmth simply by adding more of the wet signal. It's that simple!

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