D16 Redoptor 2

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D16 Redoptor 2


D16 Redoptor 2

Vintage Tube Distortion effect

Precisely modeled tube distortion module capturing the sensitivity, warmth, and character of real tube saturation found in analog circuits.

Dynamics, your way

A compressor before the gain stage lets you shape the tube circuit’s response, and a master output limiter tames your fiercely distorted sounds

Parametric EQ

4-Band parametric equalizer provides unparalleled control over your overdriven tones.

Under the hood

Redoptor is a high-quality Vintage Tube Distortion emulator.

The organic sound of a tube amplifier being pushed into breakup has been the gold standard for as long as musicians have been experimenting with overdriven and distorted tones.

The gentle, natural compression and rich blend of even and odd harmonics produced by analog tube circuitry makes any signal feel more powerful, punchy, and alive. Unlike solid-state transistor and fuzz circuits which only produce odd harmonics and limit the incoming signal in a subjectively unnatural and unresponsive way, Redoptor smoothly responds to the dynamics of the source material, just like a real tube amp. This means that loud signals get saturated with more crunch and delicious harmonics, then return to their clean state gradually as their release tail decays. This enables dynamic, sonically pleasing distortions.

Tube emulation

Exact tube and tube's coupled circuits emulation

Screen fit

Several UI sizes and HiDPI support for better screen fit

MIDI Learn

MIDI Learn for easy controller assignment

System requirements

 Windows PC

OS version - Windows 7 or newer
CPU - Intel x86 / AMD x86
Software - VST2 / VST3 / AAX compatible host application (32bit or 64bit)
Sample rate - ≥ 44.1 kHz

 Apple Mac

OS version - Mac OS X 10.13 to macOS 14
CPU - Intel x86 / Apple Silicon
Software - VST2 / VST3 / AU / AAX compatible host application (64bit only!)
Sample rate - ≥ 44.1 kHz

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