Cranborne Audio Camden EC1

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Cranborne Audio Camden EC1


Cranborne Audio Camden EC1

The Ultimate Performer’s Front End

Camden EC1 is an award-winning Camden preamp with Mojo analogue saturation, and a reference-quality headphone amplifier with a discrete line mixer built-in to a desktop-friendly, half-rack chassis.

Award-winning Preamp Performance
Connect Camden EC1 to your audio interface and experience the award-winning sound of the Camden preamp design. Providing up to 68.5dB of pristine, clean gain, Camden EC1 is the perfect preamp to pair with low-gain dynamic microphones and ribbon mics.

Powerful Headphone Monitoring
Featuring a reference-grade, high-powered headphone amp with a dedicated line mixer, Camden EC1 gives you TRUE, zero latency, mastering-quality monitoring of your preamp that is effortlessly mixed with playback from your DAW.

3 World-Class Preamps In 1

Thanks to its custom 'Mojo' harmonic saturation control, Camden EC1 offers 3 flavours of preamp tone that can be dialled to taste.

With Mojo bypassed, you can experience Camden EC1's award-winning transparency for capturing mic, line, and instruments with elite-level detail and non-existent noise/distortion. 

But engage the Mojo control and you can effortlessly dial-in vintage vibe to taste:

Transformer-Style Saturation


Tube-Style Saturation


Perfect For Musicians, Engineers, Podcasters, Voice Over Artists

Modern pristine or vintage saturated preamp performance combined with a comprehensive feature set makes Camden EC1 one of the most versatile preamps on the market and perfectly at home in any application you can throw at it.


  • Develop your own signature sound using Mojo analogue saturation and take it on the road or from studio to studio with you.

  • Record natural, and forgiving-feeling instrument DI's that perfectly capture the character of your pickups and instrument.

  • Split the Hi-z signal using the Link Output to record both the DI and a processed amp'd signal - perfect for reamping workflows.


  • Critique your mix or master using a true, reference-grade headphone amp with clean power, and enough volume to make your headphones shine.
  • Offer TRUE zero latency mixes to your clients that can be controlled using 2 simple controls directly on the front panel for Preamp, Aux in/DAW level.

  • Comprehensive connectivity including balanced XLR and 1/4" impedance balanced preamp outputs and a 10dB pad to prevent clipping your converters.

VO Artists

  • Monitor your vocal channel directly using headphone connected to the preamp itself. 

  • Use Mojo to apply different characters to your voice - use Thump for intimacy or use Cream excitement. Record using the Mojo settings for a streamlined workflow.


  • Apply 68.5dB of gain to low-sensitivity microphones (Shure SM7b. EV RE20) without adding noise or colouration.

  • Monitor your own voice in ZERO latency as well as your Program Output using the reference-grade headphone amp built-in to its front panel.

Camden EC1 By The Numbers

If you prefer numbers, we have you covered. Camden EC1, statistically, is one of the cleanest, most linear, and transparent preamps on the market. Our ‘Camden’ preamp topology allows us to push the boundaries of Frequency Response, Phase Shift, Noise, and THD performance; and we have all the specs to back that up.

Equivalent Input Noise (EIN): <-129.5dBu (150 Ohm source, unweighted)

Frequency Response: ±0.7dB (<1 Hz to >1000 kHz, 35dB Gain)

Phase Shift: <4° (20Hz to 20kHz, 63dB Gain)

THD+N: <0.00025% (1kHz, 35dB Gain, +24dBu out)

Immersive Headphone Amp With Zero Latency Mixing

The reference-grade headphone amplifier built-in to Camden EC1 is as impressive as its Preamp, but the way it has been tightly integrated with the preamp makes it even more special.

Zero Latency Tracking
Monitor the Camden preamp in true, zero latency using headphones connected directly to its front panel and mix it in
 with external DAW playback using the stereo 1/4" Aux Input jacks on Camden EC1’s rear panel.

Mixing And Mastering
With the same reference-grade design developed for the 500R8 audio interface, Camden EC1's headphone amps deliver up to 1.2watts of clean power per ear and a flat frequency response from 5Hz to 70kHz - perfect to power any set of headphones with clean power.

Headphone Amp By The Numbers

If you prefer to look at the numbers, we have you covered again! Camden EC1's headphone amp is quite something. Statistically, it stands up against some of the most reputable headphone amps ion the market. Here are the specs to back that up.

Frequency Response: ±1dB, <1 Hz to >70 kHz

THD: 0.0006% (-104.4dB) @ +20dBu, 1kHz, A-weighted, 300 Ohm load

THD+N: <0.00085% (-101.4dB) @ +20dBu, 1kHz, A-weighted, 300 Ohm load

Output Impedance: 0.33 Ohms

Output Wattage: 250mW x 2 @ 600 Ohms, 1kHz | 650mW x 2 @ 220 Ohms, 1kHz | 1.21W x 2 @ 100 Ohms, 1kHz | 500mW x 2 @ 32 Ohms, 1kHz

Dynamic Range: 114.5dB A-weighted, AES17 method, 20Hz - 20kHz, 300 Ohm load

A Preamp That Goes With You

Portability And Power
Housed in a half-rack, desktop format, you can take Camden EC1 with you studio to studio, or on stage. Dial in your sonic signature and control your own headphone monitoring consistent and pristine.

Timeless Analogue
Devoid of software updates and USB standards, Camden EC1 is with you for the long haul. Even when you upgrade your surrounding studio, Camden EC1 will always provide your tonal benchmark. 

Key Features

  • Discrete mic/line/hi-z preamp featuring the award-winning ‘Camden’ topology from the Camden 500 Preamp and Signal Processor for 500 series
  • Audio performance at the near-theoretical limits of noise, distortion, and phase/frequency linearity at all gain settings
    • EIN: <-129.5dBu, 150 Ohm source, unweighted, <-135.5dBu, Inputs common, unweighted
    • THD+N: <0.00025% (1kHz, 35dB gain, +24dBu out)
    • Intermodulation Distortion: <0.0006% (50Hz and 7kHz, 35dB gain, +20dBu out)
    • Phase Shift: <2.75° (20Hz to 20kHz, 40dB gain), <6° (20Hz to 20kHz, Max Gain)
    • Freq. Response: ±0.7dB (<1 Hz to >1000 kHz, 35dB gain), ±1dB (<5 Hz to >200 kHz, Max Gain)
  •  Unique 48v status LED
    • 48v LED Lights Orange to indicate voltage charging or dissipating to prevent damage to ribbon microphones and to ensure voltage is fully charged before use
    • 48v LED lights RED when voltage is fully charged and ready to use
  • ‘Mojo’ analogue saturation circuits with variable control, true bypass, and 2 discrete styles - Thump and Cream
    • Thump excites low-end content by boosting lower odd/even harmonics from a range of 160Hz to 20Hz and below
    • Cream boosts odd/even harmonics whilst also reducing the amplitude of the fundamental frequencies and applying typical transformer-style transient taming
  • Discrete headphone mixers with independant CH 1, Ext Input, and Aux Input level controls
    • Monitor the Camden preamp directly with headphones during mic placement to find the sweet spot of the instrument/source
    • Create zero-latency artist mixes by combining the Camden preamp with external playback from Aux Input 1/4” jacks on Camden EC1’s rear panel
    • Use the reference grade headphone amplifier for critical listening by sending stereo mixes from the interface into the Aux input and monitoring directly using Camden EC1’s headphone output
  • Reference-quality, high-powered headphone amplifier
    • Freq. Response: <±1dB, <1 Hz to >100 kHz
    • Output Impedance: 0.33 Ohms
    • THD: 0.0003%, 1kHz
    • Output Wattage: 2x250mW @ 600 Ohm, 2x450mW @ 220 Ohm, 2x250mW @ 100 Ohm
  • Balanced XLR output and impedance balanced 1/4” jack outputs for maximum connectivity into audio interfaces and other downstream equipment
    • -10dB PAD to attenuate preamp output for lowheadroom audio interfaces
  • Dedicated Impedance balanced 1/4" jack Link output for true instrument DI functionality and splitting instrument inputs to balanced or unbalanced amplifiers and effects
  • C.A.S.T. OUT port for connecting into 500R8/500ADAT
    • Transmit Camden EC1’s preamp and Ext Input directly into 500R8 and 500ADAT’s 500 series modules inputs for recording/processing
    • Receive a stereo mix generated from 500R8/500ADAT and monitor using Camden EC1’s headphone mixer
    • All managed and distributed via a single shielded Cat 5e, Cat 6, or Cat 7 cable
  • External high-current 24v, 1.25a power supply with latching connector

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