Prism Sound 8C-DA Analog Line Output Module

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Prism Sound 8C-DA Analog Line Output Module


Prism Sound 8C-DA Analog Line Output Module

The Prism Sound 8C-DA is an 8-channel analog line output module for the Prism Sound ADA-8XR mainframe

The 8C-DA provides eight electronically-balanced analog output channels for the Prism Sound Dream ADA-8XR over eight male XLR connectors. Output line-up level (gain) is variable for each channel over the range 0dBFS=+5.0dBu to 0dBFS=+24.0dBu, in 0.5dBu steps, plus fine trim. Control of the output line-up level and trim is via menus which are present in the ADA-8XR menu system. Combined with the Prism Sound 8C-AD, the ADA-8XR becomes an ultra high-quality ADA converter with eight simultaneous bi-directional channels. Or, up two 8C-DA modules can be fitted into the ADA-8XR for a 16-channel DA converter.

Prism Sound 8C-DA - Just the Facts:

  • Eight analog line output channels, electronically balanced
  • Variable output line level from +5dBu to +24dBu (0dBFS)
  • Level control via ADA-8XR menu
  • XLR-M connectors

Add up to two 8C-DA analog line input modules to the ADA-8XR mainframe for 16 channels of the highest quality DA conversion. For more information, call or chat online with your PAD Studio Specialist.

  • Connections: Electronically balanced outputs, male XLRs
  • Differential output impedance: 50 ohm
  • Full-scale output range (software-controlled): +5dBu..+24dBu in 1dBu steps,
  • trims in 0.05dBu steps
  • Absolute gain accuracy: +/-0.05dB
  • Output balance: 54dB
  • THD+N: (997Hz, -1dBFS): -102dB (0.0007%) typical
  • Dynamic range (997Hz, -60dBFS): 108dB
  • IMD (SMPTE/DIN, 60Hz@-3dBFS & 7kHz@-12dBFS): <-94dB
  • Maximum a-harmonic spurium (997Hz @ -1dBFS): <-130dBFS
  • Frequency response FS=192kHz: -0.05dB: 5.2Hz-37.2kHz; -3dB: 1.4Hz-74.4kHz
  • Frequency response FS=96kHz: -0.05dB: 5.1Hz-38.9kHz; -3dB: 1.4Hz-47.4kHz
  • Frequency response FS=48kHz: -0.05dB: 5.1Hz-22.6kHz; -3dB: 1.4Hz-23.9kHz
  • Frequency response FS=44.1kHz: -0.05dB: 5Hz-20.8kHz; -3dB: 1.4Hz..22.0kHz
  • Pass-band ripple: <0.005dB
  • Inter-channel phase difference: <0.02 degrees
  • Channel separation 1kHz: >115dB; 20Hz-20kHz: >110dB
  • Group delay (AES3 to output): 49.5/FS

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