$ 999.00

The PS6 Rack Tray and Power Supply can hold up to six of our modules. It’s comprised of a 7U Rack Tray and a seperate 2U power supply.

The PS6 configuration feature a 'soft-start'/standby of the modules by allowing you to switch on the Filament and B+ voltages separately. 

PS6 Rack Tray:

  • 7U Rack Mount Chassis
  • Provides housing, audio I/O and power for up to 6 modules
  • Rugged military-grade Cinch Jones connectors
  • Internal point to point wiring
  • Neutrik XLR connections
  • Up to Six CA Series Amplifiers mount into our PS6 Rack
  • Hand built and tested in the USA

PS6 Power Supply:

  • Standard 19" 2U rack-mount chassis
  • Separate 'soft-start' power cycling of the filament and B+
  • Filament supply 6.3V @ 4amps, Regulated B+/275V supply @ .5amps
  • Switched filament power regulation for 1-3 or 4-6 modules
  • Fault/Light indicating fuse holders
  • Internal point to point wiring
  • 5' Umbilical power cord with a military Cinch Jones plug
  • Hand built and tested in the USA