Coil Audio CA-286S Single Channel Mic/Line Preamplifier

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Coil Audio CA-286S Single Channel Mic/Line Preamplifier


Coil Audio CA-286S Single Channel Mic/Line Preamplifier

The CA-286S is a single channel 2u version of our larger PS6 preamp
module but with onboard power and a more streamlined control layout. It
boasts the exact same circuit, tubes, transformers, and high-end
components as its PS6 sibling but with a more elegant and user-friendly
design. Simply put - The CA-286S is the easiest way to get those Hi-Fidelity
EF86 tube tones into your studio.

CA-286S Preamp FEATURES:
o 2U steel enclosure with integrated power supply
o CT-110 Input and CT-41 Output transformers installed
o Negative feedback tone adjustment with LOW filter
o Two-stage dual EF86/6267 vacuum tube circuit
o 42db-60db of available gain
o Flexible input pad section for Mic or Line level operation
o 150 Ohm Mic input, 20k Line input, 600 Ohm output
o NOS tubes, signal caps & resistors, PEC 2W carbon pots
o Slow Ramping/Linear regulated Power Supply to prolong tube life
o Hand Built and Tested in the USA

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