Cloud Microphone CL-X Cloudlifter

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Cloud Microphone CL-X Cloudlifter


Cloud Microphone CL-X Cloudlifter

Custom CineMag Transformer
A custom designed nickel-core Cinamag transformer dynamically responds to signal adding harmonic content and saturation. The more signal you give it, the more character
and excitement it will give back!

Selectable Output Modes

Provides up to +36 dB of ultra-clean gain in MAX mode and up to +12 dB with the output attenuator engaged. Perfect for a variety of audio sources.

Reduce Noise 
Many preamps, mixers, and audio interfaces become noisy when turned up high. The Cloudlifter X increases your microphone's signal strength for more headroom and less noise.

Phantom Powered

Turns Phantom Power into gain and clarity without passing it through to your delicate ribbon mic.

Premium Electronics

The Cloudlifter X’s innovative circuitry dramatically increases your microphone’s sensitivity while the custom designed transformer enhances dynamic character.


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