Chandler Limited Curve Bender

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Chandler Limited Curve Bender


Chandler Limited Curve Bender

The Chandler Limited Curve Bender is a dual-channel equalizer with 51 EQ points and multiply switch based on the vintage channel strip of the EMI TG12345 desk used to record The Beatles and Pink Floyd. 

The Chandler Limited Curve Bender has the unique ability to perform “surgical” equalizing tasks while at the same time, enhancing all of the surrounding frequencies in a most musical way without unwanted artifacts. That ability alone makes it the first choice for the 2-bus of top producers and engineers, including Tony Maserati, Ryan Hewitt, and Michael Wagener. The Curve Bender also makes for an excellent mastering EQ, with appropriate features included - no laying out extra cash for a mastering version - it's all built in. Plus, if you want to finish your mixes with the sound of Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon, the EQ curves from the EMI TG12345 desk are built right in.

Chandler Limited Curve Bender - Just the Facts:

  • Equalizer based on the vintage EMI TG12345 desk used to record The Beatles and Pink Floyd
  • 51 EQ points plus a multiply switch
  • High- and low-pass filters plus bell/shelf selection for high and low frequencies
  • Mastering and standard features combined into a single unit
  • Designed and built in cooperation with Peter Cobbin, the former chief engineer at Abbey Road Studios

Chandler Limited Curve Bender - Under the Hood

In updating the Curve Bender for the modern age, Chandler's founder and principal designer, Wade Goeke, turned the nine selections of the vintage version into 51 EQ points, plus a multiply switch that increases the boost/cut up to ±13.5dB, as well as sharpening the Q (bandwidth). Unlike the TG12345 console, filters and bell/shelf selections on the high and low bands were added for greater flexibility and control. However, new circuits were not invented for the filters. The circuits and amplifiers were taken from existing TG designs with slight modifications to maintain authenticity throughout the unit.

Mastering features included

Mastering and standard features were combined into a single unit. Setting the multiplier toggle to x1 provides 0.5dB steps for a total of ±5db of boost/cut per band. Setting the multiplier toggle to x1.5 provides a total of ±13.5db of boost/cut per band. The master L/R output switches are always ±0.5db steps for a total of ±5db of boost/cut.

Chandler Limited Curve Bender origin story

The EMI TG12345 Curve Bender is the ultimate TG equalizer issued in celebration of the 75th birthday of Abbey Road Studios. The Curve Bender was conceived by Chandler Limited founder Wade Goeke and designed in cooperation with former chief Abbey Road engineer, Peter Cobbin. It's based on the vintage EMI TG12345 desk used to record The Beatles and Pink Floyd. This newest EMI equalizer continues the tradition of EMI EQs started in 1954 with the RS57, the 1969 TG12345, and the 1974 TG12412.

What the pros are saying about the Chandler Curve Bender

I love using the Chandler EMI TG12345 Curve Bender EQ, its sonic signature, and musicality helps me record complex combinations of microphones; a must have for any serious recording engineer. The Chandler EMI TG12345 Curve Bender EQ is my go to box for sculpting the world I hear. - Henry Hirsch, producer-engineer (Lenny Kravitz, Mick Jagger, Madonna, Lionel Richie, Patti Labelle)

I predict in 2007 the Curve Bender will be the secret weapon every f*@!ing mastering engineer has been looking for...It has to be the best low end I've ever heard out of an EQ. It has attitude for'd think it was born in NYC." - Grammy-winner, Michael Brauer (John Mayer, Coldplay, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Bon Jovi)

I am using the Bender to Master all my mixes for TV. It sounds perfect... I love the high- and low-pass filters... And the selection of EQ points all sound so natural! The gain from the amps give the tracks that extra little punch. I am really pleased with it!!!!! Your lovely EQ will be heard by all the TV masses... Thanks again for your extra effort and help, you always take good care of me, and I really appreciate you. Peaceful things - Devin Powers

Chandler Limited Curve Bender heard on:

Adele - “Rolling In The Deep”�

Curve Bender on mix bus

Avett Brothers - The Carpenter

Grammy-nominated Album: Curve Bender on Mix Bus, TG1 Limiter, Little Devil Pre-Amp, Germanium Tone Control, Germanium Drive, Little Devil Colored Boost (Ryan Hewitt)

Beyoncé - Lemonade

Curve Bender EQ (Mix Bus), RS124 Compressor, Zener Limiter, TG1 Limiter, Mini Rack Mixer (Tony Maserati)

Beyoncé - 4

Selected tracks mixed through Mini Rack Mixer, and Curve Bender. Vocal through Zener Limiter (Tony Maserati)

Courtney Love - “You Know My Name / Wedding Day”�

TG2-500 Pre Amp (Bass Guitar), Germ 500 MKII Pre Amp (Bass Guitar), Curve Bender (Drums - Kick), Zener Limiter (Drums - RM), TG Channel MKII (Drums - OH, Guitars), GAV19T Guitar Amplifier (Guitars), Little Devil Pre Amp & Little Devil EQ (Guitars & GTR Synth DI) - Michael Beinhorn

Lady Gaga - Born This Way

Selected tracks mixed through Mini Rack Mixer and Curve Bender. Vocal through Zener Limiter (Tony Maserati)

Paul McCartney - Memory Almost Full

David Kahne

Pink - “The Truth About Love” (Single)

Mixed through Mini Rack Mixer and Curve Bender (Tony Maserati)

Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines

Mini Rack Mixer (Drums), TG1 Limiter (Vocal Verses), Zener Limiter (Vocal Hooks), Curve Bender (Mix Bus) - Tony Maserati

Sam Smith - “In The Lonely Hour”�

Curve Bender, Zener Limiter (Mix Bus), TG1 Limiter (Drums)

The Beatles - Love

Curve Bender, Zener Limiter, TG1 Limiter

The Lumineers - Cleopatra

Curve Bender EQ (Mix Bus / Album), TG Channel MKII (Drums) Germanium Pre Amp/DI (Drums) -Ryan Hewitt

The Strokes - Pink Martini

TG2, TG1, Curve Bender, Zener Limiter, Germanium compressor

White Stripes - Icky Thump

TG2, TG1, Zener Limiter, Germanium Compressor, Curve Bender (Joe Chiccarelli)

Put a Chandler Curve Bender on your mix bus to complement the Zener Limiter and light up the dark side of the moon. For more information, call or chat online with your PAD Studio Specialist - or order yours online today. 

  • Channels: Stereo/dual mono
  • Circuit: Discrete, transistor
  • I/O: XLR
  • All connections transformer-balanced, pin 2 hot
  • Power: ±28V
  • Requires Chandler Limited PSU-1 MKII power supply

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